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Cobb-Grill: True Outdoor Enjoyment

Grilling without flames and smoke: The Cobb-Grill is a small and practical tool for outdoor cooking.

Having its roots in South Africa, the Cobb-Grill is a unique invention designed for preparing food with a reduced amount of fuel. Originally it was meant to be a solution for people to cook in their huts with no risk of setting them on fire. Since then, the Cobb-Grill has been constantly developed further into a clever product.

One of the main advantages of the Cobb is that it can be taken everywhere and it can even be handled while it cooks or grills. Because the outer shell stays cool, the grill can even stand on a table while burning with over 300°C. The source of heat is in the centre of the pot in an isolated bowl. Fat and liquids are channeled away into a separate receptacle so there is no risk of unnecessary smoke and flame development.

The Cobb comes in several variations. The Cobb Premier is the classic model. It can be fueled with only 6-8 coal briquets or one Cobble Stone, which is separately available. The Cobb Compact is five centimetres smaller and half a kilo lighter than the Premier and ideal for picnics, camping trips and even boat rides. The largest version is the Cobb Supreme, which can feed up to twelve people. There is also a version of the Cobb Grill that can be fueled with gas.

If you are visitor of the spoga+gafa 2016 in Cologne, check out hall 07.1, stand D021 to see the Cobb-Grill.

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