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Cinch! Pop-up Tent: Made by Campers for Campers

Funded with help from a Kickstarter campaign, this tent promises to provide the ultimate camping experience.

Several unfulfilling camping experiences at music festivals inspired the design of the Cinch! Pop-up tent. The inventor, Jake Jackson, looked for years to find the ideal tent that is easy to setup, lightweight, affordable and spacious enough. His own design of the Cinch! Pop-up tent seems to have struck a nerve with other unsatisfied campers – the Kickstarter campaign managed to raise close to 98.000 £, almost double of the required amount.

The Cinch! tent is available in three sizes, for two, three and four person capacity. Each one is double-skinned to protect from extreme weather conditions. According to the makers, the advanced fabric is three times more waterproof than the industry standard.

There are two entrances and storage areas, for increased functionality. On hot days, both ends of the tent can be opened for air ventilation. One side can be used as porch for entering and the other side to store luggage and gear. Both entrances have a canopy to shelter from rain and sun.

But the solar power pack is where it really gets interesting. Sold individually, this gadget is clipped onto the roof of the tent and collects energy throughout the day. Thanks to a USB slot, cell phones and most other electric gadgets can be charged with the solar pack. You get it with a data wire, lock and a power bank.

Every festivalgoer knows that finding your camp at night and orienting oneself in the dark can be a very special challenge. The Cinch! Is equipped with four LED tent pegs – so it can be easily found even when it’s dark and the owner is disoriented – and two LED torches that can be hung up as lanterns, and light reflective guylines.

For transportation, the Cinch! turns into a disc-shaped rucksack weighing five kg for the two-person tent, seven kg for the three-person tent and nine kg for the four-person tent.

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