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ChampiCabanes: Magical Mushroom Cabins for the Garden

These small architectures create a small fairytale world for kids.

For kids who are fans of the Smurfs, these huts may be something worth checking out. The ChampiCabanes are shaped like mushrooms, designed to spark the imagination and to evoke a magical mood only known from fairy tales.

The French designers Corinne Julhiet Détroyat and Claude Pasquer created these cabins out of their desire to build something based on their favourite themes: nature and artifice, aesthetics and function, magic and biodiversity.  When they presented their ChampiComposteurs, composting devices in mushroom shape, to the public in 2011 at the International Garden Festival in Chaumont-sur-Loire, they recalled long forgotten childhood memories in the visitors. Corinne and Claude then found distant memories of secret huts deep in the forest reminiscent of childhood fairy tales. The result was the invention of the ChampiCabanes.

Designed to be as much in harmony with nature as possible, they chose the mushroom shape because it invokes to them feelings of seduction, security and tenderness. Proportioned to a child’s size, the huts are supposed to invite the kids to intuitively develop curiosity, listening to the sounds of nature and reconnecting with earth, sky, wind, flora and fauna.

The ChampiCabanes are made with a unique combination of natural mesh and rope covering the structure of the mushroom ironwork. At night the furnishings take on a very warm, amber coloration thanks to LED lighting.

The ChampiCabanes are a whole family composed of huts in different shapes, sizes and functions. The main attraction is the Great ChampiCabane with its benches and small tables hosting four children. It measures 2.8 metres in height, its hat is 3.25 metres in diameter. In this intimate atmosphere,  children can choose silence or can listen to music connected via Bluetooth. The ChampiCabanes can accommodate audio with a tablet or smartphone.

ChampiCachette is a smaller and more intimate version, perfect for two children around the circular bench with two small tables. It measures 2.10 metres in height, its hat is 2.4 metres in diameter.

The ChampiCachecache is the one child version, where the child can hide above the door without being seen. At the bottom of each mushroom, there is a small bench, like a real environmental observation post, experiencing the biodiversity, accommodating audio with a tablet or smartphone. It measures 3 metres in height, its hat is 2.8 metres in diameter.

The ChampiCoffre is the ultimate „toy storage box“ for toys, books, crafts and outdoor games.

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