Large garden art exhibition in Paris

The Grand Palais in Paris was built as an exhibition building for the world expo in the year 1900 – Photo:

Gardens in art and science are becoming an item for museums. The “Jardins” exhibition in the Grand Palais Museum in Paris on the Champs-Èlysées is dedicated to the green oases as a form of art. The over 450 exhibits can be examined up until 24 July.

“Bee-friendly is the new black!” – A garden for insects

Bee and rose - Photo: BGL
Bee and rose – Photo: BGL

Over the past years one theme has come under focus among some of the garden owners that hardly played a role in this form previously: Insects. In the past, measures were taken more to get rid of the insects and one was pleased when there weren’t too many insects creeping and flattering around one’s own garden. Today, a nature-oriented garden is not only designed to please the owner, the beetles, butterflies and co. are also supposed to feel at home there.