ebertsankey – double brand, double service

Ebert and Sankey, two of the largest plant container brands in Europe, merged to create and market an inspirational range of plant container products more efficiently. The fusion of these two companies is the result of the growing synergies between the brands. Both companies have been part of the Fiskars family for over 10 years, with Sankey based in the UK and Ebert based in Germany.

The new double brand ebertsankey puts its focus on retail and consumers. By means of an extensive research and development programme, marketing and POS new potentials can be exploited, for the benefits of retailers and consumers.

Kostja Ebmeyer, Business Unit Director Container Gardening, at Fiskars underlines, “There is a tremendous potential for the trade to increase sales of container gardening. ebertsankey is focussed on helping our customers to reveal this potential and to make the best of it. We offer great new products with a fantastic brand creating a better platform for communication at point of sale. Simultaneously, we restructured our collection of products for a better overview, leading to faster buying decisions. The fresh and modern new brand, efficient point of sale communication and a great assortment of products will be supported by our commitment to provide the best standards in service, delivery and quality.”

On spoga+gafa 2012 Ebert and Sankey already represented themselves together as ebertsankey in one stand in hall 6.1. From 2013 a mutual website is supposed to be online.

Further information: ebertsankey.com

Rub your eyes and look again – a modular office system for your garden!

A modular office system for your garden? It sounds too good to be true and looks too cool to be real but the tetra shed® uses the kind of genius design tech that makes you blink, rub your eyes and look again.

Coming 2012, designed by award winning architecture practice innovation imperative, tetra shed® is a new modular building system which, as a single module, has been designed to be a modern garden office. A double module layout has also been designed to create a larger office for larger gardens.

Clusters of up to 6 modules have primarily been designed as additional work, rest and play space for homes. Larger tessellations can be used for a range of applications such as classrooms, exhibition space, corporate events, tourism & leisure facilities and retail space. Designed to exceed the building regulations, tetra shed® is suitable for permanent year-round use.

The tetra shed® is a piece of wooden origami that, when closed, repels the elements and stands tall, like a mini volcano. A single tetra shed® can hold two people in a office environment with ease and the triangular windows open like gull wings of a sports car. The makers of  tetra shed®  have grand plans too – they suggest that tetra sheds can form a classroom as there’s no limit on the amount that can be stuck together.

Further information: tetra-shed.co.uk


Winter is coming soon – brand-new snowblowers

The brand-new snowblowers from WOLF-Garten are ideal for winter snow clearance at home. Whether in the winter track with perfect grip or caterpillar drive version – these red and yellow power clearers can deal with all types of snow.

With their efficient 2.2 to 7.4 kW engines, they can also easily and reliably clear larger areas. The equipment is also available as lightweight and versatile models for clearing paths and smaller areas and as compact tools for wide courtyard entrances and parking spaces. Innovative features make for greater comfort, depending on the design. With a joystick on the dashboard, adjusting the discharge chute is simple. The gear lever makes it easy to switch to up to six forward gears and two reverse gears. Most of WOLF-Garten snowblowers are also fitted with a working light to make early morning snow clearing easier. So snow clearing is made easy and less like hard work.

 For more information: mtdproducts.eu/

Trend forecast for 2013

The focus is on casual, cool lounge chairs and pillows as well as playful creations which invite a person to sit down and relax – while also scoring points for their high quality and design.

Barbecuing is also becoming an even more comfortable activity. Consumers want individualized barbecues tailored to their specifications. At the same time, grills offer an increasing number of possibilities for preparing a more diverse menu. In addition, the trend is toward complete barbecue centres and built-in barbecues that are designed to fit in with the style of the garden. In order to make the outdoor fun last into the evening as long as possible, outside lighting decoration is making a stronger showing.

The trend toward brand names in lawn and yard care equipment continues. The overall theme for all equipment is sustainability. More and more, manufacturers are taking into consideration the entire life cycle of a product. Individual pieces of equipment are also scoring points by being quieter and producing lower levels of CO2. The gardening tool sector is focusing on user-friendliness. Manufacturers are paying closer and closer attention to making their products adjustable to fit the individual requirements of consumers.

Outdoor accessories and decorations are a must for outdoor fun at home. Romantic patterns, bright colours and sculptural forms will be popular next season.

At the same time, there is a revival of interest in vegetable gardens and orchards. In line with this development, manufacturers are creating systems for gardening in the city. With the help of artificially lit indoor greenhouses or ecological urban garden systems, city dwellers also have the opportunity to grow their own food. Environmental protection remains the leading trend in the area of plant care.

Trend barometer of the green sector

spoga+gafa 2012 has closed its doors. Altogether, 36,300 trade visitors from 103 countries travelled to Cologne for the green sector’s trend show.

The proportion of visitors from abroad was 58 per cent. “In terms of the number of suppliers and visitors attending the fair, spoga+gafa remains very stable. At the same time, however, thanks to numerous innovations, the uniqueness of its products and the high quality of the event, the trade fair has been strengthened in its role as the leading international garden and leisure trade fair,” says Katharina C. Hamma, Chief Operating Officer of Koelnmesse GmbH. On 235,700 square meters of floor space at the exhibition centre, 1,975 suppliers from 56 countries presented their goods and services for making the garden a more attractive, more practical and more comfortable place to spend time. “Once again this year the number of international manufacturers has been remarkable, as has the quality of the products on display. In conjunction with the attractive supporting programme, spoga+gafa has created the perfect foundation for the business success of our customers,” continues Hamma.

Further Information: spogagafa.com