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In the garden with: Gabriella Pape (Royal Garden Academy Berlin)

Gabriella Pape – photo: Königliche Gartenakademie (Royal Garden Academy)

Gabriella Pape took a degree in Bio-dynamic Agriculture, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture in Great Britain. After completing her degree in Kew Gardens in London and taking a Diploma in Landscape Architecture at Greenwich University, she turned self-employed after setting up the design studio LANDART in England together with the garden historian, Dr. Isabelle Van Groeningen.

In the garden with: Ferdinand Graf von Luckner (photographer)

Ferdinand Graf von Luckner – Photo:
Ferdinand Graf von Luckner – Photo:

Ferdinand Graf von Luckner studied Photography and Film Design in Dortmund and graduated with a degree in Photo Design. He has been working for various European magazines and book publishers as a freelancer for many years. His focus lies on interior design and the garden. He was responsible for the photography of many books e.g. „Die Traumgärten Neuseelands entdecken (Discover the dream gardens of New Zealand)”, „Die geheimen Gärten von Wien (The secret gardens of Vienna)“ and „Der Garten von Hermann Hesse (The garden of Hermann Hesse)”.