Unique Youngstar Contest: The Nominees Have Been Selected

Visitors of the spoga+gafa this year will again have the chance to witness the young designer competition of the garden unique segment at the fair.

62 projects from 24 countries applied for the contest and the expert jury has now nominated 15 ideas for the title “unique Youngstar 2013”. The jury’s decisions are based on the following criteria: overall concept, originality of design, conceptual and visual quality, functionality and the quality of presentation.

The jury ultimately chose the following finalists:

  • “Micro Greenhouse” by Åsa Agerstam (Sweden)
  • “Polyfine” by Markus Bangerter (Switzerland)
  •  “Ter” by Álvaro Fernández-Goula and Pablo Figuera (Spain)
  • “Watercabinet” by Francien Hazen (Netherlands)
  • “PFLIX” by Christian Heufelder (Germany)
  •  “CONTIO” by Matilda Lindblom (Sweden)
  •  “Flask” and “Circle” by Konrad Lohöfener (Germany)
  •  “herbs outdoors” by Inesa Malafej (Denmark)
  •  “AR VAG” by Thibault Penven (Switzerland)
  • “Stakes-outdoor grill” by Roee Magdassi (Israel)
  • “FLEET” by Carolin Thieme (Germany)
  • “Black Dogs” de Yves Verhaegen (Belgium)
  •  “Klemmbrett Bank” by Manuel Welsky (Germany)
  • “Hochbeet” (raised flower bed) by Cosima Geyer, Tim Mackerodt, Simon Frambach, Sandra Spoo and Saskia Drebes (Germany).

The competition once again boasted a prestigious panel of judges in 2013, comprising of the following experts: Tobias Lutz, founder and CEO of Architonic AG; Marcus Fairs, Chief Editor of dezeen; Eric Degenhardt, designer at Studio Eric Degenhardt; Karen Bofinger, Editor of the Architectural Digest, Camila Vega Faba and Harry Paul van Ierssel, both designers and co-founders of Harry&Camila.

The prototypes of the designs of the 15 nominees will be exhibited at the spoga+gafa 2013 in the exclusive “garden unique” sector for the duration of the fair.  The three winners can look forward to prize-money of 3,000 Euros (1st prize), 2,000 Euros (2nd prize) and 1,000 Euros (3rd prize) respectively. Additionally all participants have the chance to win the prize of the public. From May 24th to September 8th, the nominees will be presented on the award’s website www.gardenunique.de/youngstars and you will have the chance to cast your online vote for your favorite.

The results of the three prizes awarded by the jury and of the prize selected by the public will be announced at 5 pm on September 8th, in Hall 10.2 during the “unique hour”. Details about the nominees can be found here (PDF)

 Further Information: www.spogagafa.de

New VITEO “Low” Collection on World Tour

Today Austrian high-quality outdoor furniture producer VITEO reveals its new collection “Low” to the public. This happens in New York, as the first stop of a tour around the globe.

You will have a chance to test the low ground chairs in New York at WantedDesign until May 20th, in Moscow at the Arch Show from May 22nd to 26th, in Meigem (Belgium) at the Showroom Rechts van de Kerk from May 30th to June 2nd and in Amsterdam at Design District from June 6th to 8th. The final event will be in Vienna on June 12th.

 “Low” is a chair collection designed by 13&9, a fresh label from Graz, where architects from INNOCAD and fashion designer ANASTASIA SU joined forces. According to VITEO the pieces are reduced to the basics and combine the casual and haptic qualities of seating cushions with an ergonomically perfect and comfortable back rest.

 VITEO is exhibitor at the spoga+gafa in Cologne from September 8th to 10th.

 Further Information: www.viteo.com


Epstein Garden Lights: Handmade Quality Made in Germany

Garden lights have the practical advantage of making stairs, paths and ponds safer at night, however, the aesthetic dimensions are essential as well. For more than 25 years the Epstein-Design manufactory develops and distributes high quality lighting for home and garden. The lamps are handmade and only available in specialized stores.

Real highlights among the different Epstein lines are their outdoor nature lights. They are made with sandstone or natural slate. The devoted treatment of the natural stones gives them a unique look. The garden lightings look like statues and at night they reveal their true beauty. Columns, spheres and pyramids: The multitude of the different Epstein-Lights provides designers with lots of possibilities for individual garden concepts.

The durable luminous elements are covered by a three-year warranty and the manufactured materials are guaranteed to endure ten years of UV exposure.

Further Information: epstein-design.de

Unique Youngstar: Designer Contest at spoga+gafa 2013

For the 3rd time the garden unique Design Contest will be held at the spoga+gafa trade fair in Cologne. 15 young designers and design students will have the opportunity to present their work at garden unique, the high-quality segment of the fair. Three of them will be awarded by an expert jury as Unique Youngstar and a separate winner will be chosen by public vote.

At this year’s contest creative ideas around the topic “outdoor living” will be acknowledged: Furniture, lamps, weatherproof flooring, plant holders, barbecues, everything that makes the garden more enjoyable is allowed to enter. The 15 nominees will have their pieces displayed at the spoga+gafa for the duration of the fair from 8th to 10th September.

The registration is open since March 18th; design students and young designers who have completed their studies no more than three years ago can enter the Garden Unique Design Contest on the contest website. Personal information as well as a short description of the product is required, up to three pictures can be uploaded. Lecturers of design schools have the possibility to recommend individual students of theirs for the contest. Participation is free.

The jury will start choosing the nominees in May. The main criteria for them will be overall concept, originality of design, conceptual and visionary quality, functionality and the presentation of the product. The nominated design pieces will also be put on the contest’s website so that the public can give their online votes for the Audience Award. The winners of the jury award will receive a prize money of 3,000 € (first place), 2,000 € (second place) and 1,000 € (third place). The award ceremony will be held on the first day of the fair at the “unique hour” event.

Further Information: gardenunique.de and spogagafa.com

garden unique 2012 from garden unique on Vimeo.

Retractable Motor Driven Sun Sails by SunSquare

For over twenty years the Austrian company SunSquare Kautzky has been creating shades for buildings and green spaces. One of their favorite challenges is the shading of complex glass structures. SunSquare works together with architects from an early stage on to find special solutions for integrating shading constructions into the structures of buildings.

The “Schauhaus” of the botanic garden in Grüningen, Switzerland, in 2012 was one of their most noteworthy projects. The IdA-Architects Stephan Buehrer and Martina Wuest supplemented the surrounding trees with a supporting structure of trunks and treetops made of steel, based on the Voronoi principle. The reduced shading system covers the tilted roof planes with a barely visible membrane and can be retracted when not needed.

Other interesting projects by Sun Square are presented in their corporate video.

Further Information: sunsquare.co.uk