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Uroboro: Domestic Vermicomposter

This vermicomposting system by Portugese designer Marco Balsinha is pragmatic and aesthetic.

Uroboro is a domestic vermicompostor that processes household waste inside the home. The project was developed in order to tackle environmental sustainability issues by transforming biodegradable urban waste into useful matter for floriculture.

The project’s design was inspired by the typology of trees and it uses natural plants, thus bringing the system closer to nature and forming a living system within the home. The designer Marco Balsinha used red clay as a mediator of moistness and odor filter to emphasize the project’s earthy concept.

For the system to work, earthworms are used as an accelerating agent in the composting process. The precious humus is thus obtained together with its tea, which can feed the plant at the top of the system. Uroboro is a modular system with 4 different pieces that can be extended by adding further composting bins up without conditioning the earthworms’ mobility. The same part can be separated and replaced still with earthworms inside.

The prototypes were produced in Portugal and tested in several households. The results proved to be surprisingly positive. The project was presented to the public in December 2015 in the final dissertation of the Product Design Master, at ESAD Caldas da Rainha – Polytechnic Institute of Leiria.

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Husqvarna Starts Automower Testing Campaign

Hundreds of gardens in Germany, Great Britain and Scandinavia are being equipped with mowing robots by Husqvarna.

Not long ago, people had to sacrifice a lot of time when it came to mowing their lawns. The technology of automated mowing robots changed that and presented garden owners with a modern and comfortable alternative to scythes and lawnmowers. Husqvarna is one of the pioneers of the lawnmower robots: They have been part of their product range for over 20 years now, giving home owners the chance to sit comfortably on the terrace while the mowing is getting done by itself.

With the Automower challenge, Husqvarna wants to equip people in  Germany, UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark with their latest models and strengthen their market position while learning more about the performance.

Individual testers and families can apply for the Automower challenge until the end of March, by giving information about them and their gardens. In every country 100 testers are being chosen by Husqvarna. They all get an Automower worth at least 2.499 € to be tested on their private property. The devices will be installed by local specialized dealers who will also be available for advice during the whole testing phase.

The testers may keep the Automower after the end of the testing phase in November, provided that they document their experiences by giving feedback in video form every 15 days. Excluded from applying are garden owners who use pesticides.

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Bagsac: The Fabric Pots Are Getting Company

In 2016, the French designers expand their product range.

In the last couple of years the company Bagsac became known for their innovative lightweight plant bags. These plant pots for urban gardens are made of multi-layered and resistant fabric and are very flexible in their applications. This year, those bags are getting company. Bagsac releases a whole range of new garden accessories:


This medieval ancestor of our watering can was used by gardeners of the time to carry the rainwater which they had collected. Hand-crafted in France, the terracotta chantepleure adopts the natural silhouette of a coloquint. It “sings” when immersed in water to fill. To retain the water the upper opening is sealed with a finger. Remove the finger and the water “weeps” via its sprinkler.

Soft Top

After the success of the balcony braces, a pair of hooks with adjustable straps for individual plant crates or shelves, Bagsac presents its “Soft Top”, which transforms the vegetable box from the market into a practical storage. Easy to install, the soft top guarantees the protection of the harvest. The cover is waterproof, ultra-resistant and has an anti-UV treatment.

Nomade Cushion

An unusual product for a company specialized in plant accessories, but why not? The Nomade Cushion is a soft and comfortable padding for relaxing gardeners. It unrolls and tidies away easily thanks to the straps. This cushion is made of an ultra-resistant waterproof sheet associated with a top canvas.

Compost Bag

The composter bags can be filled with dead leaves, dead flowers and other biologically degradable materials. It produces an 100% natural fertilizer that will bring plants all the nutrients they need to develop and strengthen their natural defenses.


This carrier plant bag is in light and solid geotextile. It can be carried either in hand or on the shoulder. Its four zippers adapt to the size of its contents: flowers, branches, fruits, vegetables…

Garden Tools Lucane, Toucan and Taupe

Hand-forged in carbon steel by a family-owned and environmentally aware manufacturer who combines old world techniques with new technologies. Extremely robust, these garden tools have a lifetime guarantee.

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Mirtoon by ZEE: Watering With Style

Water hose for garden delights with a bright and practical design.

The water hose is probably one of the most essential exterior tools. We use it to feed plants, vegetables and flowerbeds; we clean tools, muddy boots, bikes and cars with it. And during the summer it fills up swimming pools, water guns and balloons to bring coolness and fun. Surprisingly not much attention has been paid to its design so far.

The Belgian company ZEE decided to change this. By selecting contemporary colours and going for a unicolour look, they have managed to create Mirtoon, a real designer hose.

There have been hose reels on the market for many years, but they are all mainly designed for practical purposes unlike this pretty product. Mirtoon comes in a 10 meter and 30 meter edition. The smaller version fits perfectly any terrace, patio or balcony. The large hose is ideal for gardens and all other practical uses.

Mirtoon is ready for use. Each reel includes a hose, fittings and nozzle. The hose has been provided with the necessary connectors to use it worldwide.

The Mirtoon has been honoured with the design label “Henry Van De Velde”:  “Mirtoon is a completely aesthetic redesign of the well-known garden hose with reel. It is practical and discrete and thanks to its colour scheme it allows to either blend in or stand out in its surroundings.”

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