BBQ Trends 2014

Whether stylish or old school, gas or charcoal, portable or on wheels – there’s the right model for every BBQ fan together with plenty of attractive accessories. The selection goes from pizza stones, to chicken roasting baskets, through to vegetable pans. At spoga+gafa 2013 the leading companies for grills and BBQ innovations presented their latest developments.

Weber-Stephen Signs German National Team Player Thomas Müller

For many people around the world one of the main reasons to look forward to 2014 is the World Cup in Brazil. For the marketing around this grand scale event Weber-Stephen now signed one of the most talented players in European football. Thomas Müller will support the charcoal and gas grill manufacturer in all activities before, during and after the World Cup as ambassador.

Frank Miedaner, CEO of Weber-Stephen commented on the deal: “Thomas Müller is authentic, down to earth and successful, which are just the characteristics of Weber-Stephen.” Müller is supposed to help realizing a broad communication programme on different media channels and promotion events. The campaign will start on March 8th 2014.

Weber-Stephen is already engaged in professional football. Since 2007 they are officially sponsoring the Bundesliga team 1. FSV Mainz 05 with cam carpets, product placements and microphone branding. They also support the charity “Mainz 05 hilft”. Additionally in this year’s season Weber started sponsoring the teams Bayer 04 Leverkusen and SC Freiburg.

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Small in Size, Big in Function: the new SAfire Roaster – Presented by BBQ-Scout

Things were not always better in the old days. Certainly not in camping cooking, which usually meant warming up tinned meals over a gas burner. Today we have the SAfire Roaster, a compact grill that can be used to boil, bake, fry and grill food almost anywhere.

The compact outdoor mini cooker weighs only 3.5 kilos, operates without an open fire and uses surprisingly little charcoal. As sole distributor in Germany, BBQ-Scout is presenting this new product for the first time in Germany at the spoga+gafa 2013.  The multifunction combi-grill has it’s origins in South Africa, where ‘Braai’, the African way of grilling, is a fixed part of social life. The original roaster was developed as a very safe, low-cost way of cooking for the underprivileged.

The small genius is the size and shape of a cooking pot. It requires no more than 350 grams of wood briquettes to maintain an even temperature of around 180 degrees for almost three hours. The heat is held in and reflected by a solid stainless steel lid.

The SAfire Roaster can be used to prepare various tasty meals – from chicken, roast meat, fish and fried eggs to pizza, bread and even vegetables. It does not emit unhealthy fumes since the fat does not drip onto the embers. Its special construction ensures that the charcoal burns very cleanly and produces only a minimum of carbon monoxide. The SAfire Roaster is also extremely easy to clean.

The SAfire Roaster and accessories are available directly from BBQ-Scout, through retailers and from specialist online shops.

BBQ-Scout exhibits at spoga+gafa 2013 in hall 05.1 stand D059.

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Mobicook by indu+: Plug & Cook ‘n Grill

The Belgian company indu+ specialises in bringing the joy of cooking and grilling outside into the garden. Their latest product line is MobiCook, a mobile trolley with integrated cooking and grilling plates and enough workspace to prepare the ingredients.

MobiCook works with electricity, no charcoal or gas is needed. The plates are equipped with induction technology for cooking and infrared for grilling meat. This means that the food is done very fast with low energy costs, also the plates can be cleaned easily. The trolleys themselves are made from high-quality powder-coated steel and combine an elegant young design with mobility and easy usability.

MobiCook comes in four different versions: The smaller sized are “Solo Grill” and “Solo Cook”, with one plate each, the large ones have two plates, either “Duo Grill” with two grilling plates and “Duo Cook ‘n Grill” with one grilling and one cooking plate. Extra features are a fitted cutting board, knife holders and a bottle rack for storing the equipment. There is also a protection cover so the MobiCook can safely be stored.

Indu+ is exhibitor at spoga+gafa 2013 in Cologne from September 8th to 10th.

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Green Box BBQ by Landmann: The Eco-Friendly Disposable Grill

Barbecuing is not only in Germany a popular and delicious pastime in the summer. Nothing beats the smell of sizzling steaks, sausages, pork chops or veggie skewers on a warm evening at the lake, in a park or at the beach. In the last few years disposable barbecues became fashionable, mostly with young people who don’t want to bring the whole heavy grill equipment to the party. As practical as they are, the problems with them are that they create unnecessary waste and when used on grass they tend to sear the green underneath them.

The German company Landmann now developed the first Grill made solely from biodegradable materials. The Green Box BBQ can be disposed of easily and ecologically and spares the underlying ground. It consists of a firebowl filled with coals and a lid which doubles as a stand so that the heat doesn’t reach the ground. The only not compostable part of the BBQ is the metal grid. The Green Box is an eco-friendly convenience product that can be discarded with good conscience.

Landmann are exhibitors at spoga+gafa 2013 in Cologne from September 8th to 10th.

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