Mobicook by indu+: Plug & Cook ‘n Grill

The Belgian company indu+ specialises in bringing the joy of cooking and grilling outside into the garden. Their latest product line is MobiCook, a mobile trolley with integrated cooking and grilling plates and enough workspace to prepare the ingredients.

MobiCook works with electricity, no charcoal or gas is needed. The plates are equipped with induction technology for cooking and infrared for grilling meat. This means that the food is done very fast with low energy costs, also the plates can be cleaned easily. The trolleys themselves are made from high-quality powder-coated steel and combine an elegant young design with mobility and easy usability.

MobiCook comes in four different versions: The smaller sized are “Solo Grill” and “Solo Cook”, with one plate each, the large ones have two plates, either “Duo Grill” with two grilling plates and “Duo Cook ‘n Grill” with one grilling and one cooking plate. Extra features are a fitted cutting board, knife holders and a bottle rack for storing the equipment. There is also a protection cover so the MobiCook can safely be stored.

Indu+ is exhibitor at spoga+gafa 2013 in Cologne from September 8th to 10th.

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Green Box BBQ by Landmann: The Eco-Friendly Disposable Grill

Barbecuing is not only in Germany a popular and delicious pastime in the summer. Nothing beats the smell of sizzling steaks, sausages, pork chops or veggie skewers on a warm evening at the lake, in a park or at the beach. In the last few years disposable barbecues became fashionable, mostly with young people who don’t want to bring the whole heavy grill equipment to the party. As practical as they are, the problems with them are that they create unnecessary waste and when used on grass they tend to sear the green underneath them.

The German company Landmann now developed the first Grill made solely from biodegradable materials. The Green Box BBQ can be disposed of easily and ecologically and spares the underlying ground. It consists of a firebowl filled with coals and a lid which doubles as a stand so that the heat doesn’t reach the ground. The only not compostable part of the BBQ is the metal grid. The Green Box is an eco-friendly convenience product that can be discarded with good conscience.

Landmann are exhibitors at spoga+gafa 2013 in Cologne from September 8th to 10th.

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Hot Rod BBQ: Grill Steaks and Burgers in a V8 Engine

The Unique V8 BBQ combines motorized horse power with hot barbecuing. This new gas grill has the look and feel of a classic Mustang V8 motor. It is produced by the Dutch company Hotrodgrills, a subdivision of the Fireplace Management Group.

The impressive looking grill is made exclusively for the European market. Its lid and body are made from die cast aluminum, the tube burners and the grate from stainless steel. It is equipped with a professional-grade temperature gauge and an electronic igniter. Judging from the pictures, the smoke will come out of the exhaust pipes, when the lid is closed, which should add to the realistic vibe.

The Unique V8 BBQ is an extraordinary grill and will certainly appeal to enthusiasts of fast cars and sizzling steaks. At the spoga+gafa 2013 in Cologne you will have the chance to see it in action.

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Barbecue trends 2012

The Asians like it spicy, the Argentines hot and for the Americans the burgers have to be XXL — when it comes to BBQ, every country has its own style and preferences.

But this year’s barbecue designs all agree in one point: they offer many possibilities.

Barbecuing for every taste

Even when it comes to barbecues, conventional models just aren’t very popular anymore.

Consumers want individualized barbecues tailored to their specifications. To meet the demand, manufacturers will be presenting models in bright colours such as pink, green and red – and even in the colours of various football, handball and ice hockey teams for die-hard fans. At the same time, barbecues offer an increasing number of possibilities for preparing a more diverse menu. For that special taste there are even briquettes made from grapevines. In addition, the trend is for having a complete grill centre, that fulfils all of one’s culinary desires. There are also built-in barbecues that are designed to fit in with the style of the garden. For the ease and comfort of consumers that enjoy grilling on the beach or in the park, a brand new idea has emerged – a bicycle trailer that can be converted into a barbecue in the twinkling of an eye. It’s practical and charming!

In order to make the outdoor fun last as late into the night as possible, outside lighting decoration is making a stronger showing. The lighting of water features continues to be the strongest trend, along with weatherproof lamps, that catch the eye with their extravagant, sculptural forms, Accent lighting and LED strips can be used for many applications – in a swimming pool or garden pond and as a spotlight on small waterfalls and outdoor walls.