Real All-Rounders: Pellet Grills by Rösle

Cooking outdoors throughout the whole year with a natural woodfire in a professional, natural and healthy way, and improving the taste with lightly smoked wood-fired flavor: That’s what the new wood pellet grills from Rösle make possible.

The new “Memphis Wood Pellet Grills” are launched in cooperation with the American manufacturer Hearthland from Minnesota and combine a multitude of functions within one unit: both direct and indirect grilling, as well as slow cooking and smoking of food. They are simple to handle, as quick as gas grills and easily adjustable like electronic ovens. By way of an electric fire starter the wood pellets combust in a comfortable, controlled and safe way. The even temperature in the enclosed cooking chamber is ensured by way of a convection system.

Rösle offers three versions of the wood pellet grill with a cabinet base and two versions with built in cabinets. All of them are designed in a simple and elegant style and manufactured from high quality stainless steel. Each wood pellet grill will be delivered with a direct flame insert to allow for direct grilling, a temperature probe and a multi tool. Optional accessories are a protective cover as well as a set of two warming racks for keeping the grilled food warm and for extending the grill area. Natural wood pellets are also available from Rösle – delivered in a 9 kg volume bag. To keep the grill clean, drip pans are available for all five models.

The entry-model Advantage Plus offers a grill area of 2753 cm² and covers a temperature range of 90 to 316°C. The wood BBQ pellet storage capacity is about 5.5 kilo, and is aired by a high-performance ventilation system. The new grills are the perfect choice for both professional chefs, as well as experienced hobby cooks.

Ambitious grill lovers and medium sized companies will enjoy the two-door Wood Pellet Grill Memphis PRO with a grill area of 3631 cm², which has a temperature range of 80 to 344°C. The Wood Pellet Grill Memphis PRO has an insulated, double wall stainless-steel lid. It can hold 7.5 kilo of wood BBQ pellets.

The Memphis Elite is the professional model with a high-performance dual fan convection system and a grill area of 5477 cm². The grill is mounted on a two-door cabinet base and has a temperature range from 80 to 380°C. The high capacity wood BBQ pellet storage allows for 62 hours of grilling.

In addition, Rösle offers two models to be built into furniture or walls in an outdoor area: The Memphis Elite Built-In and the Memphis PRO Built-In. They are bothe made from 18/10 stainless steel.

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Weber-Stephen: World Cup Celebration with Thomas Müller

A dream came true for 22 football fans who celebrated the World Cup victory of the German team together with Thomas Müller two days after his return home! This exclusive welcome-back-party over the roofs of Munich was organized by the BBQ experts of Weber-Stephen.

The lucky winners of the competition had the chance to join the five time world cup scorer at the grill and enjoy a four course meal with the support of Weber-Grillmasters. When they asked Thomas Müller about his World Cup experiences he said: “Winning the title was total madness. It will take a while until we fully realize what we have accomplished there. The last weeks have been absolutely awesome. But I am also happy to be back home now, to relax while grilling and then going on vacation.”

Afterwards there was a table foosball tournament among the fans and the winner had a final game with Thomas Müller and won a “Go-Anywhere” Weber grill.

With the winning of the title the cooperation between Weber-Stephen and Thomas Müller is at a peak, according to the company. “It’s such a fortune for us to work together with Thomas Müller.” said the CEO of Weber-Stephen Germany, Frank Miedaner. “We kept our fingers crossed for the whole duration of the tournament, and we are absolutely thrilled about his amazing football skills.” Weber was accompanying Müller and the German fans at the World Cup in Brazil.

Weber-Stephen is exhibitor at the spoga+gafa 2014, visitors can find them in hall 1.

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Barbecook 2014: Make it a Bright, BBQ Summer

Barbecue fans, watch out for this year’s spoga+gafa! Here, the hottest grill trends will be presented to the international trade visitors. One of the exhibitors, whose grates will be heated up in the 800 m² Barbecue Park is the Belgian manufacturer Barbecook.

Siesta: Less Cleaning to Do, More Time for Grilling

Siesta is the new and easy to clean gas grill by Barbecook. The dirt- and water-repellant surface is made from glass and is much easier to clean than comparable variants made from stainless steel. The basin for fat under the grate is dishwasher safe. The Siesta is designed in classic black and silver and has a “One-Hand”-knob for igniting, regulating and turning it off. Setting it up, including montage, takes only 30 minutes. There are three models of the Siesta, with two, three and five individually controlled main torches. Among the other extras are an integrated thermometer, the Thermic Air Cushion-System, a plancha plate and an additional side burner.

The German product testing organization Stiftung Warentest awarded the Siesta with the second place, whereas the grill that made the first place was 200€ more expensive.

Topseller Looking Trendy – Charcoal Grill in Midnight Blue

Barbecook’s range of freestanding and table top grills combines innovative design with ease of use. This year the charcoal grills Optima, Arena and Major are available in a limited colour:  midnight blue, one of the trend colours of the next year. The popular colours chili red and kiwi green are of course still for sale. All of these grills are equipped with the safe and quick ignition system “QuickStart”. Only a few newspaper pages are needed to fire up the grill within 15 minutes – without fuel or charcoal lighters. Experts like to choose the Reflector Dome for the Optima and Major models, which makes indirect grilling possible. The Major Go model has been awarded test winner by the German Stiftung Warentest.

For the Sake of the Environment – Only FSC Certified Wood and Bamboo

From 2015 on Barbecook will solely use FSC certified wood for their grilling accessories. The certification by the Forest Stewardship Council guarantees the eco-friendly production of the products. Cutting boards and tables, tweezers and skewers will be made with the new material. Additionally new products made from fast growing bamboo will be integrated into the Barbecook product range.

Barbecook will be at the spoga+gafa 2014 in hall 5.1 at stand C020

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Eisberg: Box for Vegetarian Barbecue Fans

The Swiss company eisberg has launched a new convenience product that is a quick and easy solution for barbecue enthusiasts who want a light alternative to pork, beef and chicken. The BBQ Grill-Mix is fresh, made from assorted vegetables, ready to eat and  tasty not only for vegetarians.

The eisberg “ready to grill” vegetable mixes are sold in a 100 per cent recyclable aluminum dish, which can be used on the grill or in the oven. Every dish is vacuum-packed with a special foil that keeps the food fresh and allows the product to be presented on the shelves of the supermarket.

The BBQ-Mix is already for sale in Hungary and Austria and is about to be introduced to markets in Switzerland and Eastern European countries.

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BBQ Trends 2014

Whether stylish or old school, gas or charcoal, portable or on wheels – there’s the right model for every BBQ fan together with plenty of attractive accessories. The selection goes from pizza stones, to chicken roasting baskets, through to vegetable pans. At spoga+gafa 2013 the leading companies for grills and BBQ innovations presented their latest developments.