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Casual, cool chic and sustainable power – these are the trends 2013

Even if the weather has left something to be desired this season, the garden is still the favourite place for Germans to spend their time.

That’s where 41 per cent of the population prefer to make themselves comfortable in the summertime according to the results of a recent online survey by Ipsos Observer done on behalf of Quelle. What is especially interesting is the fact that in order to enjoy their own bit of green space, Germans are willing to give up a few things. 52.5 per cent said that during the warmer months they would be willing to give up television in favour of spending time in their garden, and almost 42 per cent would even give up their sofa. These are ideal prerequisites for doing good business in the outdoor sector. That’s especially true as the trend toward high-quality products continues to get stronger. Casual, cool lounge creations, chairs and easy chairs with delicate latticework, and outdoor furniture that has an indoor feeling are all becoming increasingly popular. Customers seeking barbecues, garden equipment and garden care products want individuality, sustainability and comfort.

All of next season’s outdoor trends will be presented by around 1,700 suppliers at spoga+gafa in Cologne from 2nd to 4th September 2012.


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