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Cane-line: CEO Brian Djernes looks back at spoga+gafa 2017

Brian Djernes at spoga+gafa 2017 © Koelnmesse/Frank-Udo Tielmann

Cane-line has more than 25 years of experience in the production of garden furniture. At this years spoga+gafa the Danish outdoor company presents itself in the premium segment garden unique. We spoke to CEO Brian Djernes about his impressions of the fair, changes in outdoor design and the development of the market.

Mr. Djernes, what are the main novelties Cane-line has presented at this years spoga+gafa?

Our main novelties 2018 are mainly in our lounge category and they are the “Mega”, the “Peacock” and the “Moments” modules. Other new features include innovative combinations of teak and woven materials and also new accessories with new colour spectrum.


Cane-line at spoga+gafa 2017

What kind of feedback did you get for your presentation at the fair?

At spoga+gafa we focus on the German speaking market and we had very positive response. Because of the different weather some have had a better season than others. But in general there is a good economy in most of the European countries, which is part of the reason why the feedback is very positive.


What do you think are the main trends in contemporary outdoor furniture design and how you respond to them?

Fundamentally I think people want to spend more time outside. One of the biggest trends in the outdoor market is that customers don’t want any maintenance. They expect increasingly more convenience, service and easy going. That’s why we try to make things simple. Another trend is the increase of single households, which makes smaller furniture more interesting. A series of our multifunctional furniture targeted at small areas and features extra narrow chairs and side tables or lightweight, two-seater sofas.


Cane-line at spoga+gafa 2017

Which innovations do you see in the field of outdoor materials?

The material characteristics are changing, but fundamental materials for outdoor furniture remain the same. It’s more an improvement of existing products. Innovations are particularly in the way, how you design or combine materials.


Brian Djernes at spoga+gafa 2017

There are a lot of furniture pieces in fresh and bright colours at the fair. Do you think that colours are becoming more important for outdoor design?

Definitely you can say that colours make a difference and changes faster now than in the past. The colours for outdoor furniture today are much stronger than some time ago. But still there are many plain colours. We try to push the border a little bit – but step by step. This year we offer a lounge chair in blue, which is a little more challenging than in grey with a blue cushion.


Cane-line at spoga+gafa 2017

What development do you expect for the market of outdoor furniture in the near future?

There is a general trend that people focus more on the garden and I think that will continue. You will see more innovations and more customers who will be willing to pay more for the furnishing and decoration of the garden. So things will remain demanding and exciting.


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