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Cane-line: bridges between indoor and outdoor

“Parc” bench and rocking chair © Cane-line
“Parc” bench and rocking chair © Cane-line

At spoga+gafa 2017 Danish company Cane-line will present its largest ever collection: flexible and multifunctional furniture for outdoor areas both large and small. What sets this collection apart from previous years is that a great many of the new products have been designed for indoor use as well.

Cane-line’s 2017 collection is bang on trend. The Danish company is taking the leap from being known as a supplier of quality garden furniture for the past 30 years to being a furniture store that sells furniture for the entire home – both inside and out. “We have produced a series of designs that visually match your décor, both inside and out, so the furniture can be used in more than one place”, explains Brian Djernes, CEO of Cane-line.

Three trends characterise the largest ever collection from Cane-line: A series of multifunctional furniture targeted at small areas. It features everything from the extra narrow “Copenhagen” chairs and side tables to lightweight, two-seater sofas. The distinction between indoor and outdoor space is becoming increasingly blurred as Cane-line move lounge furniture out onto the patio and natural materials inside. The “Urban” sofa by Danish design studio byKATO is a good example. With the latest products, the collection also has been given a more youthful look, with more colours, more textural surfaces and unmistakably Scandinavian shapes. “The design has a younger feel to it, appealing to a different, urban lifestyle segment – those who want a few, good pieces of furniture, and who want to decide themselves how and where they use them”, says CEO Brian Djernes.


“Urban“ sofa and “Parc“ rocking chair © Cane-line

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