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Calla by 4Senses: A Multifunctional Indoor Garden

Calla keeps kitchen herbs fresh all year round.

Noways there is an increase in the desire to eat local, organic and healthy products and to fight against food waste. Moreover, there is a growing interest in cooking and tableware, thanks to the growing popularity of cooking classes, recipe books or even cooking TV shows. We are also witnessing the birth of a new concept, related to the growing urbanization: the urban farming. This emerging idea is a real potential, and the recent development of various projects shows that there are opportunities to seize on the indoor horticulture market.

Calla is a multifunctional indoor garden. It keeps the herbs healthy throughout the year and within easy reach, while requiring minimum maintenance time. Moreover, Calla accepts all types of fresh herbs. The users can put their favorite store-bought herbs, but also grow their own seeds. The product is also designed to welcome different flowers and houseplants. It is modular and the consumer can install between one and six herb pots according to their needs and desires. Furthermore, Calla is fully automated thanks to the ebb flow hydroponics system. It is equipped with a LED lamp that has been engineered to provide light for the plant cycle and to adapt to the brightness of the room. A controlled irrigation system, mixing water and nutrients allows a sustainable use of the plants.

The Kickstarter project of Calla has been funded successfully and in early 2017 it will be available worldwide.

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