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Bringing Balance into the Garden with Asian Furnishings

When it comes to finding a special look for the garden it is promising to search Eastern inspiration. Asian garden design is a very old culture. And nowadays it is getting more and more popular in the Western countries.

German entrepreneur Armin Holt reported that the sales of his company Asiastyle have risen annually by 20 % in the last three years since he specialized in Asian design merchandise for in- and outdoors.

The possibilities for Asian style products outdoors are basically endless. Furnishings and design ideas don’t have to stick to one specific region. People should feel free to mix different styles. Chinese sculptures and Japanese garden furniture in the washitsu style (very simple Japanese room with wooden panels) give the garden a “Zen” kind of look. Polynesian Tiki-culture is also making a comeback right now.

Together with a few exotic ornamental plants all these pieces will bring a relaxing and exotic atmosphere into the garden.

One method of inspiring hobby gardeners who are looking for an Asian theme in their garden could be to point them to the five Chinese elements. This ancient daoistic theory divides everything into the five elements of earth, water, fire, wood and metal. By combining these elements in the open spaced garden a natural balance can be achieved.

The element of Earth could be represented by a winding gravel path made out of natural stones, fire could be an open fireplace or maybe some Japanese shoji lamps for moody outdoor lighting, wood should be obvious and metal can be represented by lots of design pieces for example some wind chimes.

Because of the huge demand, the people of Asiastyle even had a successful summer event where they exhibited their products and invited other companies to join them, like Monolith Grill who presented a number of barbecues and Spa Ambiente who specialize in bathroom sinks made of natural stones.

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