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Boskke Sky Planter: Growing Plants Upside Down

The Sky Planter provides a new approach to arrange indoor green: With the flower pot from the New Zealand company Boskke plants and flowers hang overhead – a nice change to the usual method of letting them grow upwards.

A locking disc and mesh holds the upside down plant and soil in place and allows the plant to hang from the ceiling. Its internal reservoir system feeds water gradually to the plant roots. This conserves water, saves time and brings a new aspect to ‘urban gardening’.

Ready-grown plants are simply taken out of their pots and inserted into the Sky Planter. Once locked in place, the pot is turned upside down and suspended from a securely fastened ceiling hook. Extension wires and wall mounts are also available for high ceilings or wall-hung planters.

The Boskke website gives a few inspirations on which plants can be fitted into the Sky Planter and how they will thrive best. Boskke is an exhibitor at the spoga+gafa 2013 and you will have a chance to get an impression of the Sky Planter.

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