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„Boomfeestdag“: Bobbing Forest in Rotterdam

The art collective Mothership will plant trees that will bob in the harbor of Rotterdam. The “Bobbing Forest” will be unveiled on 16 March 2016 during the “Nationale Boomfeestdag” (National Arbor Day) in the Netherlands.

“Bobbing Forest” is a collection of trees that are floating in the harbour of Rotterdam. The project was inspired by a smaller sculpture by Dutch artist Jorge Bakker in an aquarium that had miniature models of trees. A team of artists, designers and other experts spent three years working on a prototype for “Bobbing Forest”, planting test trees in old buoys recycled from the North Sea. “The Bobbing Forest will be made mostly from pre-existing materials,” states the project webpage.

One of the main goals of the „Boomfeestdag“ this year is getting focus on the city forest. The Port of Rotterdam includes a number of currently unused harbour basins. For Mothership the “Bobbing Forest” is an opportunity to honour the harbour basin in a special way. In addition to this, the project also feeds the support for more green in the city centre, and the city forest especially.

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