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Blossom: Smart Sprinkler Brings Home Automation into the Garden

Blossom is a smart watering controller with automated weather intelligence that allows users to monitor and control their yard’s watering schedule with a smart phone, tablet or computer from anywhere and at any time.

An automated irrigation system for the garden can have many advantages. Once properly installed, the home gardener does not need to occupy himself with figuring out the best times to water the garden anymore, the modern systems do all the planning themselves. Work, time and water can be saved.

Blossom is a sprinkler controller for new and already installed sprinkling systems. It has been developed by experts from brands like Skype, Vizio, Microsoft, Linksys and Cisco. Connected to the residential wi-fi, it uses online real-time weather data and calculates the best times to water flowers, trees and vegetables. For a seamless connection it uses Powerline technology to turn any electrical outlet into an internet connection making range essentially limitless.

For adjusting, controlling and monitoring the watering situation in the garden, there is the Blossom App. With this App one can assign a name, photo and specific plant type to up to twelve zones on their property. With the press of a button, the sprinklers can be turned on and off no matter where and at what time. While Blossom will automatically program a watering plan for the garden, it is possible to adjust the watering amount per zone by simply swiping on the phone or tablet.

Blossom is especially targeted towards home owners who want to conserve water and save time and money in their garden. The price is set at 199 $ and according to the manufacturers it can save up to 30 percent off of future watering bills.

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