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bio-guss by GartenLeben: A Tea for Garden Plants

bio-guss is a new kind of organic fertilizer. It is a composition of compost, organic herbal additives, natural microorganisms and precious plant nutrients.

According to GartenLeben, the Austrian producer, it is highly effective in fertilizing and strengthening the plants as well as for activation of the soil. The bag with the herbal mixture is put into the watering can for several hours until the water is enriched. The inventors claim that the compost-tea bio-guss is an energy-boost that revitalizes the soil, brings beneficial and soil activating microorganisms back, establishes a protective layer coating the roots and results in long living, vigorous and strengthened plants.

There are four different variations of the product: bio-orchideenguss (for orchids), bio-blütenguss (for flowering plants), bio-rosenguss (for roses) and bio-grünguss (for foliage plants).

For fertilization it is advised to put one bag of bio-guss every one to two weeks in two litres of water, for strengthening and activation of the soil it is advised to use one bag in ten litres of water.

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