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Beef Chef: Rotating BBQ fun for domestic use

Beef Chef Two Photo:

Thanks to the “Beef Chef Two” splashes of fat while barbecuing are a thing of the past, because the appliance features a rotisserie rotating basket inside which the grilled food is safely secured and positioned in front of the vertical burner.

This ensures pinpointed grilling. Meat, vegetables or fruit can be simply turned or moved – one always has a clear view of the grilled food and when handling the “Beef Chef Two” grill tongs even become superfluous. The infra-red ceramic burner reaches temperatures of up to 800 degrees Celsius – this is the temperature the meat is grilled at in steak restaurants. Beef Chef brings barbecuing at the highest temperatures to the home garden. Exposed to this heat supply a tasty caramel crust forms on a steak within around 45 seconds grilling time each side.

The housing is made of stainless steel. Thanks to the fact that it only weighs approx. eight kilogrammes, the “Beef Chef Two” is easily transportable and can be implemented flexibly. So nothing is standing in the way of a cosy barbecue in the garden, at the lake or even on the boat, because the product operates using gas and features an integrated cartridge that ensures an optimal heat input for up to two hours. Afterwards the product can also be operated using an external gas bottle, which is placed inside a roller container.

Beef Chef Two Photo:

“Thanks to the extremely short pre-heating phase and its resulting low gas consumption, ‘Beef Chef Two’ also convinces in terms of ecological aspects,” the product designer, Nicolas Thomkins, explained. He and his development team are already working on further versions of the rotating barbecue. These are intended for the bricks-and-mortar trade, as well as for professional implementation in the food service sector. The “Beef Chef Two” will be available for sale from October onwards via the companies Higold and Technical Solutions.


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