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Beautiful Birdhouses Inspired by Modern Architecture

These little bird shelters even have planted green walls.

No garden is complete without regular visits of our winged friends. Especially during the winter months, birds can use any extra food and like to be attracted by bird houses filled with nutritious seeds.

Garden owners who also happen to be enthusiasts of modern architecture should have a look at the Sourgrassbuilt birdhouses. Each of them is directly inspired by works of the great architects like Joseph Eichler, Frank Lloyd Wright and the Bauhaus creators. The founder of Sourgrassbuilt, Douglas Barnhard, blends those influences with the laid back lifestyle of the skate and surf culture of his hometown Santa Cruz in California.

Some models like Sunset Modern, Mixed Media House or Living Wall Bauhaus even have green walls. The planted succulents add to the miniature effect and are attractive to birds. All of the little handmade bird shelters are made of repurposed materials like plywood, bamboo and cedar.

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