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Bacsac®: Baggy Plant Containers for In- and Outdoors

Bacsac® is a weightless, flexible and user-friendly pot for plants and flowers. The idea was born after the encounter between French designer Godefreoy de Virieu and landscapers Virgile Desurmont and Louis de Fleurieu.

Together they looked for an alternative solution to get around the constraints of creating a roof garden: difficulties of transportation, excessive weight and lack of choice of the often very expensive containers. The two wanted to reverse the tendency to pay more for the container than the contents. They wanted to mobilize an installation that is usually fixed because of its weight and rigidity, and that at a low cost. The idea of planting in bags comes from a desire to change habits and putting the plant, not the pot in the foreground.

After some experimentation they created the Bacsac®, made from a permeable geotextile and founded their company with the same name. At the “Jardin jardins” exhibition of the Tuileries garden in Paris in 2008 they presented their product and received great feedback by the public and in the press. Landscape professionals emphasize the ingenuity of the concept and architects and town planners see Bacsac® as new idea for their projects. The mobility, flexibility and weightlessness convince people about this versatile product.

At the last spoga+gafa gardening fair in Cologne Bacsac presented their trends for 2014.

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