Claudia Gölz

Claudia Gölz, studied languages and communications, became a journalist, founded NED.WORK GmbH, working more than 20 years in green marketing communications, is a convinced networker and believes in the benefits of green living for individuals with their private gardens, but also for the citizens and communities in green cities.

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 Leif Hallerbach  

Leif Hallerbach

Leif Hallerbach is editor and consultant at the Düsseldorf PR agency Broekman+Partners, specialized in architecture and design.

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Roland Moers

Roland Moers studied media science and had been working in the editorial office of a TV-station for some years. Since 2004 he is working at the Düsseldorf PR-agency NED.WORK, i.e. the PR-experts for the green industry.

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 Roman Maas  

Roman Maas

Roman Maas is a freelance writer.

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Elke Lorentz

Elke Lorentz studied German and English literature as well as politics. She is working for a PR-agency since 1992 and specialized on the green sector. Her favorite themes are design, lifestyle and trends.

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Tina Bischler

Tina Bischler works as a designer at the blue green, Frankfurt. The agency creates sustainable communication for spoga+gafa.

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Thomas Wittenburg

Thomas Wittenburg studied languages and had been working 14 years at the Düsseldorf-based PR-agency NED.WORK, specialized on green subjects. Since June 2012 he is the public relations and communication manager of the German Flower Wholesale and Import Trade (BGI).

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Arnd Ziemer

Arnd Ziemer is Journalist of Economics and operates since 25 years in the branch of furnishing. He is Chief Editor of the premium magazine arcade and manages further trendguides, exhibition magazines and special interest magazines of the furniture sector, published by the Ferdinand Holzmann Verlag, Hamburg.

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Sarah Schädler

Sarah Schädler is working as a trainee at „möbel kultur“.

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