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Furniture Trends 2012

It takes a lot more than it used to to make the neighbours really jealous! In the old days, grandma would decorate her garden with some plain wooden chairs and a flowery plastic tablecloth — all very practical but not exactly sexy. Nowadays….

Barbecue trends 2012

The Asians like it spicy, the Argentines hot and for the Americans the burgers have to be XXL — when it comes to BBQ, every country has its own style and preferences.

But this year’s barbecue designs all agree in one point: they offer many possibilities.

Cologne: Where the world’s green sector gets together

Around 2,000 suppliers from 52 countries present in the next three days, trends and innovations in Cologne.

As always, spoga+gafa stands out through its truly cosmopolitan environment. 80% of exhibitors came from abroad to the City on the Rhine. European countries such as Italy, the Netherlands and Britain are very well represented. But even far away nations including Bolivia, El Salvador and New Zealand show a solid presence at spoga+gafa.