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Speedy downpipe filter – fitted in just five minutes

True to its name, the “Speedy” patented downpipe filter from rainwater specialist Otto Graf is really designed for speedy installation: simply drill a hole into the downpipe and insert the filter – five minutes it’s all it takes!

To drill the hole using the special drill provided, all you need is a cordless screwdriver. A filter located in the housing of the Speedy reliably stops coarse debris from getting through, which ensures that the water is of extremely high quality. In winter, the Speedy inlet can be shut off using the integrated shut-off valve. Available in a tasteful anthracite grey, the Speedy perfectly matches the colour of conventional downpipes.

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Garden on Top: Unique Ideas for Roof Gardens

Roof gardens represent the “highest level” of garden design. They are lifestyle oases – classic, modern, rural or romantic – that show nature and architecture close to the sky in perfect harmony.

In the new book “Garden on top”, famous architects and garden designers present exclusive roof garden ideas with contemporary materials, convincing plants, trendy furniture and modern light installations, from all five continents. Architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s statement that “anything that is horizontal under the open sky belongs to nature. Roads and roofs should be tree-covered…” is put into practice in a contemporary way. The author, Barbara P. Meister, is an experienced garden and landscape designer, qualified teacher and communications manager.

The new Esteras fountains – easy weights for gardeners

The gentle gurgle of a well-stone – for many people this goes together with chill-out and relaxation. Traditional models made from stone or granite are simply too heavy to carry home. Not the products made by Esteras! These well-stones are really made for impulse purchase: Because of their state-of-the-art materials they are up to 70 percent lighter than conventional models made of granite or stone – but they are heavy enough to stand firmly without toppling. This makes the purchasing decision easy.

At home the well-stones – with warm colored LED light and low-noise pump – can be set up quickly. Customers are in favor of light weight, easy handling, the authentic surfaces and the bold colors Granite Grey, Stone Sand and Stone Black.

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Viteo Outdoors: Cosy cushions for next summer

Knitting is currently experiencing a huge revival – not only for sweaters and socks, the knitting look is back on the agenda, today you can also discover knitted works of art in public spaces. Whether lantern piles, tree stems or postboxes, apparently nothing is safe from the guerrilla knitters and their wool.

The trend to knit has also been taken up by the Austrian Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer Viteo. At garden fair spoga+gafa 2012 they presented knitted cushions for outdoor furniture. Viteo knitwear is available in three patterns in nine colours each, in two sizes of 40 x 40 cm or 60 x 60 cm. The knit yarn is suitable for outdoor-use and UV-resistant, the inner life of the cushion is water insensible, so Viteo.

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Romberg: protects plants in severe winter

Some plants which in summer transform garden or balcony into a green paradise require a special winter protection to survive outside.

Azalea, Camellia, some grasses but also some “hardy” ornamental plants can suffer from frost and severe winds and especially from heavy changes of temperatures. In particular, plants in pots and tubs are exposed to frost and should be protected in time with membranes, hoods or special mats to prevent them from freezing. Romberg offers various systems for the protection of plants in the winter.

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