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garden unique 2013

spoga+gafa 2013 and with it the premium area garden unique has closed its doors. As the platform for high-end garden and outdoor furniture, garden unique scored high in visitors‘ interest. 30 international premium brands presented their new trends and innovations for the gardening season 2014.

All in all the international garden trade fair spoga+gafa welcomed 36,800 trade visitors from 116 countries. They came to see 1,817 international suppliers and manufacturers, who presented their goods and services for making the garden a more attractive and more comfortable place to spend time in.

Sunday evening was dominated by the “unique hour” at garden unique, the great award ceremony to announce the expert jury‘s winners of garden unique youngstar – the contest for young designers. Thibault Penven from Switzerland, with his folding boat “Ar Vag”, Francien Hazen (the Netherlands) for the “Watercabinet” and Matilda Lindblom (Sweden) for her “Contio” chair were awarded for the excellence of their interpretations of “Outdoor Living”. In addition to the three jury prizes a further prize was selected by the public. The winners were determined per online voting. The public awarded first place to “Stakes” by Roee Magdassi (Israel), an ultra-light, portable grill.

Already, we are looking forward to seeing new design and innovations next year, at garden unique 2014! Save the date: August 31 to September 2, 2014.

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Nominated for Unique Youngstar Design Contest at spoga+gafa 2013: Herbs outdoors by Inesa Malafej

15 design projects by young talents are nominated for the unique youngstar award 2013. The theme of this year’s competition is “outdoor living”.

The nominated projects will be exhibited at the international garden trade fair spoga+gafa in Cologne, from September 8th to 10th. Between now and spoga+gafa we will introduce  the nominees in the garden unique category of this blog.

Herbs outdoors

  • By: Inesa Malafej, Studio etcetc, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Material: Earthenware
  • Size: 32 x 14 x 60 cm
  • Website:

Containers for growing herbs outdoors are meant to create a comfortable way for planting herbs beside the houses, tresses or balconies. The structure of the set is made out of traditional material – earthenware and creates best conditions for the plants to grow in. The pressmolding technique creates a porous structure that supports routs of the plants and provides them with air. It also makes it possible to see if the plants are watered as the walls of the containers gains darker color when they become wet. The number of containers, as well as combinations can be adjusted individually. There are few different sizes that suits needs of different herbs. As containers have an opening for the access water in the corner, each container can be used vertically and horizontally, which gives more possible variations for combining whole structure of a small herb garden.

The winners of the competition will be announced in Hall 10.2 of the koelnmesse in Cologne on September 8th 2013 at 5 p.m. during the unique hour event. There will be three prizes awarded by a jury and an audience award which will be determined by online vote at

Green Buildings, Tropical Gardens

The exhibition ‘Green Buildings, Tropical Gardens’ in Berlins’s ifa Gallery focusses on South-East Asia, in particular Indonesia and Malaysia. In recent years, highly advanced and sophisticated projects have been built there, which are far from being architecture tied to investors’ interests. They show a new and innovative approach towards sustainable and landscape architecture. The presented architects, landscape architects and activists have each given their individual answer to the requirements of future-oriented buildings either in tropical rainforest or metropolitan areas.

The star architect Ken Yeang has a reputation as a pioneer in eco-architecture. He investigated in traditional Malaysian building typology in the early 1970s to develop his approach to sustainable architecture. Yeang set new standards for eco-architecture with his bioclimatic tower. The renowned landscape architect Ng Seksan is planning parks, gardens and public spaces that subtly merge with untouched, natural areas. The founders of the Green School in Bali, Indonesia, not only work with natural building materials, but with a holistic idea in mind – the concept of the harmony of ideas and practice with nature.

The exhibition will run from February 18, 2012 until March 10, 2013 in the ifa Gallery Berlin, Germany.

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Gérard Depardieu shades the sun

No day without him in media: The actor Gerard Depardieu. First he fought against the French tax authority, then fell drunk from his motorcycle, then didn’t show up at court, but lately received the Russian citizenship from his new friend and Kremlinboss Wladimir Putin.

Only just arrived in his new adopted country Russia Depardieu advanced immediately to an advertising shooting star. The tax refugee is campaigning among others for a bank and for fitted kitchens.

Before the famous French actor was hyped for his latest adventures the Swiss company Glatz contracted him for a commercial for sun shades. Nowbody knows whether his current popularity will benefit the sun shades from Glatz or not.

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Soendgen Keramik: Three trends for 2013

“Tender Nature” is the most important trend in the collection of the German pottery Soendgen Keramik. The combination of natural materials, light colors, clear forms and organic design elements gives the feeling of fresh comfort.

The boundaries between inside and outside blur. Living, dining and kitchen merge together, bathroom is often integrated in the space for sleeping. The central meeting point for family and friends is the large, sturdy dining table, the dimensions of which easily remind us of monastery tables. Soendgen Keramik addresses this back to traditional clear forms and light colors with its Latina pots, which perfectly fit into the “Tender Nature” trend with a new color family called Latina Pastells.

Another trend is „Sweet Cottage“, which merges glamour and country style. Delicate pastells converge with graduated white to create a light, harmonious and emotional atmosphere. Furnished with baroque and country chic it allows patina and gives good old things the chance to present themselves under new circumstances. The concept „Family of Forms“ of Soendgen Keramik goes with it. The Florac Pretty vase, the Alberta Pretty cachepots and the Larisa Pretty boats, all with the same coloring but different designs play the game of combination. The range of attractive ceramics is perfected by the special orchid vase Merina Pretty, which, thanks to its flower safe platform, ensures that the exotic beauties don’t get wet feet.

The third trend of the German pottery from Wachtberg is „Color Blocking“. Strong colors still dominate the ambience, however, no longer mixed with one another but presented side by side on a wider scale. This trend makes rooms seem larger and due to the completely monotonous areas the game of new contrasts is easy. The designers of Soendgen Keramik have tuned into this colorful, in some ways eccentric world and developed the Dallas Summer and Dallas Mystic as accessories for color blocking.

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