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3 questions to: Dustin Jessen (“Beta Chair”)

With his “Beta Chair” Dustin Jessen took first prize of this year’s Design contest „unique youngstar“ at the international garden trade fair spoga+gafa. Additionally he won the audience award.

Jessen (28) studied Industrial Design at Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and the Design Academy in Eindhoven. 2014 he finished his master’s degree of Design Products at the Royal College of Art in London. Afterwards he came back to Germany to set up the office „Hermes/Jessen Industrial Design“ – in cooperation with the Designer Philipp Hermes.

Mister Jessen, congratulations to your “double success”. Could you please explain in a few words what is special about your chair?
Jessen: To me it is very interesting that so many visitors of the spoga+gafa said their first impression was that “Beta” must be manufactured of plastics. But it is completely made of aluminium. I think it is surprising how precise aluminium sheets can be formed to organic shapes. At second sight “Beta” surprises with his comfort and lightness (2.8 kg).

The Chair combines many technical innovations. But for laypeople they are not easily recognizable. Are you surprised that still your chair took first place of the audience award?
Jessen: Winning the audience award was a true surprise to me. Of course, I take the opportunity to thank everybody who gave his vote for the “Beta”. The technical innovations are indeed rather hidden. But that is exactly how it was meant to be. At the end of the day an outdoor chair has to be convincing as a whole. It has to deliver the comfort, handling and quality that its appearance is promising.

What are your plans for the future? Will the prototype go into production? After winning the spoga+gafa contest did you get any offerings by interested producers?
Jessen: The feedback at the spoga+gafa was continuously positive and very encouraging. In my opinion “Beta” needs a little bit more development. I could establish contact with several producers. Hopefully in the next months one of these will become a courageous partner who will help me developing “Beta” to series maturity.

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Furniture and Design Trends 2014

Vintage is in and touches every part of our lives at the moment. So for the ultimative vintage style, just head outside! In the course of the trend towards sustainability and vintage products, teak is returning to the scene – and not just as recycled material. In the coming season teak is being given a very modern reinterpretation, the design delivers exciting and in some cases extravagant results. The porch swing is also having a revival. In the 1950s, it was THE must-have item: It brought a bit of Hollywood glamour to every garden and the exotic designs made people dream of the faraway holiday destinations.

At spoga+gafa 2013 the leading garden furniture companies presented the trends for 2014.

BBQ Trends 2014

Whether stylish or old school, gas or charcoal, portable or on wheels – there’s the right model for every BBQ fan together with plenty of attractive accessories. The selection goes from pizza stones, to chicken roasting baskets, through to vegetable pans. At spoga+gafa 2013 the leading companies for grills and BBQ innovations presented their latest developments.

garden unique 2013

spoga+gafa 2013 and with it the premium area garden unique has closed its doors. As the platform for high-end garden and outdoor furniture, garden unique scored high in visitors‘ interest. 30 international premium brands presented their new trends and innovations for the gardening season 2014.

All in all the international garden trade fair spoga+gafa welcomed 36,800 trade visitors from 116 countries. They came to see 1,817 international suppliers and manufacturers, who presented their goods and services for making the garden a more attractive and more comfortable place to spend time in.

Sunday evening was dominated by the “unique hour” at garden unique, the great award ceremony to announce the expert jury‘s winners of garden unique youngstar – the contest for young designers. Thibault Penven from Switzerland, with his folding boat “Ar Vag”, Francien Hazen (the Netherlands) for the “Watercabinet” and Matilda Lindblom (Sweden) for her “Contio” chair were awarded for the excellence of their interpretations of “Outdoor Living”. In addition to the three jury prizes a further prize was selected by the public. The winners were determined per online voting. The public awarded first place to “Stakes” by Roee Magdassi (Israel), an ultra-light, portable grill.

Already, we are looking forward to seeing new design and innovations next year, at garden unique 2014! Save the date: August 31 to September 2, 2014.

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