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Green Towers: Residential Project by MAD

The concept of “Cloud Corridor” by Chinese architectural office MAD addresses the concern of sprawl in cities and presents a typological alternative: the high-density vertical village. By reorienting the streets vertically, nine interconnected residential towers redistribute the urban fabric to cohere disparate neighborhoods into a vertical village with public spaces and gardens in the sky. Connective corridors weave circulation between towers to foster a sense of community among residents and activate the towers as a bustling village within the city.

Proposed as an urban landmark, “Cloud Corridor” expresses a devotion to nature. Each floorplate boasts gardens to accompany residential units. The garden patios and courtyards provide a lush environment amid the surrounding urban density, and provide a retreat from the everyday among nature.  Elevated corridors and multi-level garden patios shape the city skyline and provide viewing platforms for residents to overlook the bustling activity below and the natural landscape beyond. “Cloud Corridor’s” podium dually serves as a public park and as a transportation hub. The sculpted area is covered with a grass lawn and punctuated by trees; the transformation of its massing suggest the image of rolling hills.

Schaffner AG: Honoured by the German Design Award

Swiss manufacturer of garden furniture Schaffner has been awarded with the German Design Award for its garden chair Lamello.

The weatherproof and stackable chair is available in fresh colours. „Lamello is a stylish shell chair that stands out for its timelessly elegant and colourful design“, said the jury. Every year, top-quality submissions from product and communications design are awarded with the German Design Award, all of them are in their own way ground-breaking in the international design landscape.

Schaffner AG was founded in 1954 and is specialised in the production of furniture for outdoors. The quality of the products has made the company the largest producer of garden furniture in Switzerland. Simple design and high manufacturing quality characterize the products of the company. “We are well known for our retro products, but the Lamello is a new creation, with which we can now obviously succeed in the market,” said CEO Martin Schaffner concerning the award.

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Glatz: Sunshades with Light

Whether in the outdoor area of ​​private homes, restaurants  or Hotels: Sunshades from Glatz offer much more than shadows. One example is the new innovation of Glatz – the FORTELLO® LED and the LED FORTELLO easy. With this screen models of the Swiss manufacturer we can turn our night into day – thanks to the integrated LED lights.

In daytime the sunshades function as a protection from sun, rain and wind; in the nighttime they ensure warm light thanks to the LED’s. Concerning the LED’s, one can optionally choose from two levels of brightness. The cables are conveniently integrated in the pursuit. The sunshades are available in round or square design. In addition, both screens are easy to handle and to transport due to their low weight and a practicable opening system. Due to its stable construction and the wide range of applications, they are perfect for both: private use as well as hospitality industry.

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„Boomfeestdag“: Bobbing Forest in Rotterdam

The art collective Mothership will plant trees that will bob in the harbor of Rotterdam. The “Bobbing Forest” will be unveiled on 16 March 2016 during the “Nationale Boomfeestdag” (National Arbor Day) in the Netherlands.

“Bobbing Forest” is a collection of trees that are floating in the harbour of Rotterdam. The project was inspired by a smaller sculpture by Dutch artist Jorge Bakker in an aquarium that had miniature models of trees. A team of artists, designers and other experts spent three years working on a prototype for “Bobbing Forest”, planting test trees in old buoys recycled from the North Sea. “The Bobbing Forest will be made mostly from pre-existing materials,” states the project webpage.

One of the main goals of the „Boomfeestdag“ this year is getting focus on the city forest. The Port of Rotterdam includes a number of currently unused harbour basins. For Mothership the “Bobbing Forest” is an opportunity to honour the harbour basin in a special way. In addition to this, the project also feeds the support for more green in the city centre, and the city forest especially.

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Plantable Objects: “Seed” by Taeg Nishimoto

There is a new way to make your home greener: Plant green on the wall! The Architect and Designer Taeg Nishimoto has invented “Seed” – objects to be hung on the wall incorporating small plants as the focus.

The container part of the soil for the plant is attached in the back, lifting the concrete tile of “Seed” about 2cm to 4.5cm from the wall, giving the presence of the tile floating in front of the wall. “Seed” comes in many variations of profile and surface texture. Each profile is taken from different river stones’ outline, which is a result of a long smoothing process the stones go through in water flow of the river.

“Seed” is made of fast drying cast concrete using the crumpled Tyvek as the mold. The Tyvek is first crumpled to create a particular crease pattern and stretched inside the cut out of the profile. The spontaneous crumpling pattern of paper is totally unpredictable, and yet it evokes certain geological formations we observe in the satellite images. Concrete mix is poured with about 5mm – 8mm thick while the center of the Tyvek is lifted to make a hole. Any plant that can fit inside the hole can be used, though various different kinds of succulents are great for it.

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