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Mobility Restriction Garden Furniture

The new range of ‘Mobility Restriction Garden Furniture’ produced by Dunsterhouse, UK, offers alternative solutions for people with restricted mobility, disabilities or who may struggle with the limitations of gardening.

They are easy to maintain and provide a little haven to encourag people with mobility restriction to get out and into the garden. The furniture includes raised ‘Planting Trugs’, ‘Picnic Benches’ with wheelchair access and the ‘Victoria Bower’ which features flower beds and an opportunity to harvest rain water. On display at spoga+gafa will be the ‘Heavy Duty Picnic Table with Canopy’ which has been designed for one or several wheelchair users to have easy and comfortable access to the table. These new products offer a practical solution for commercial or domestic applications whilst adding an attractive focal feature for any outdoor space.



Arte table tops

Taking creative table design to a new level: table tops with impressions from the art scene and new painterly motifs are being presented by the in-house designers of WERZALIT.

Striking watercolour and batik effects, delicate lines and shapes – avant-garde decors that invite guests to linger in the trendy ambience of bistros, cafés, terraces and gardens. The new decors of the table top series Arte convey the international flair of a modern society unencumbered by the limits of time and space and able to truly appreciate a pleasant street café. From Hamburg to Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam or Paris: art and food are always closely intertwined in the districts favoured by tourists, where individuality mingles with business. Street cafés and restaurants magically attract lovers of the art scene. And precisely this charming atmosphere served as muse to the creation of these new WERZALIT table top designs. The decors shown here are called ‘Mare di colori’, ‘Foglia di autunno’ and ‘Roccia’ – reminiscent of the colours of the sea, of autumn and of mountains.

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Abachus is more than a table

Sitting down and standing at the same time!

Look around you at a party or a reception and you will very often see guests grabbing a chair to sit down or to just lean against its backrest. So if you combine an ordinary cocktail table and this desire for support, you end up with the blueprint for Abachus: a high-top table with a real bonus. Six arms to be precise, against which you can lean comfortably. No more lugging chairs, which end up standing in the way anyway, but the ideal tool to enjoy a get-together with relatives, friends, or acquaintances having a drink in honour of Bacchus.

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Trendy pond

Water creates both relaxation and life. Who does not like that!

This trendy pond form Velda, Netherlands, can be displayed anywhere and throughout the year. It is suitable for any garden, terrace and balcony, however, it also creates a good atmosphere inside. The pond is available in various colours. Including Aqua Clear, the remedy which makes tap water suitable for mini ponds and water ornaments. It prevents algal growth and keeps fish in good condition.

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Outdoor furniture made in Italy

Established in Umbria in 1951, by the 80s and 90s Emu had become a leading company in outdoor furnishing as a result of its legacy of local knowledge and skills in metal working.

In 2005, under the leadership of its former Chairman, Riccardo Biscarini, the company was able to begin to target its brand name thanks to the investment fund, L Capital, from the world’s top group for luxury goods LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy). This enabled innovative products to be produced in partnership with some of the successful international designers, without neglecting the company’s core business of classic products.

2011, the year of its 60th anniversary, saw the beginning of a new phase for Emu. The company finalised its move to the financial group Fondo Opera, with the ultimate aim of giving a fresh boost to the already expanding company, and at the same time of strengthening company capital. Contrary to recent trends towards decentralisation, production of Emu’s metal furniture is strongly established at the Marsciano plant, which covers 70,000 sq. m. and employs 150 workers. The quality of the furniture is guaranteed by its “made in Italy” production and by its commitment to continual technological research into materials and production techniques. Emu can already claim merit and is highly esteemed throughout the world, yet it is determined to continuously and steadily improve its know-how in the sector of metal processing.

Presenting Snooze, the re-interpretation of Siesta, a relaxing armchair with a simple and yet brilliant design launched by Emu in 1980. Now, the same mechanism has evolved and focuses upon a wider dimension and a covering in a highly resistant and colourful technical cloth for outdoor use. The Bahama deckchair was launched in the late 1970’s and is still in production. It has become a classic and has furnished all kinds of environments; from mountain chalets to seaside villas and small country gardens. Emu is presenting it in its 2013 collection with the addition of contemporary bright colours. Caprera is a chic & easy-style version of the classic and very popular Pigalle model. The contour of these chairs (launched in 1995) is re-interpreted through a new choice of colour and extreme versatility, making it easy to use. Lastly, the Arc-en-Ciel, in production since the 1970’s and launched in a new version in 2011, is now being offered in three new colours: dark green, lavender and orange that will be added to the other 10 already available. Ideal for those who like to furnish their space in an informal and unconventional way.

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