Arte table tops

Taking creative table design to a new level: table tops with impressions from the art scene and new painterly motifs are being presented by the in-house designers of WERZALIT.

Striking watercolour and batik effects, delicate lines and shapes – avant-garde decors that invite guests to linger in the trendy ambience of bistros, cafés, terraces and gardens. The new decors of the table top series Arte convey the international flair of a modern society unencumbered by the limits of time and space and able to truly appreciate a pleasant street café. From Hamburg to Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam or Paris: art and food are always closely intertwined in the districts favoured by tourists, where individuality mingles with business. Street cafés and restaurants magically attract lovers of the art scene. And precisely this charming atmosphere served as muse to the creation of these new WERZALIT table top designs. The decors shown here are called ‘Mare di colori’, ‘Foglia di autunno’ and ‘Roccia’ – reminiscent of the colours of the sea, of autumn and of mountains.

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