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Altifarm: Smart and Easy Farming System for City Dwellers

Altifarm – Photo: Enverde

Altifarm is an easy to assemble modular home-farm for indoors or outdoors. Growing fresh produce at home is a dream that most city dwellers find hard to realise due to space and time constraint.

That’s why, Mumbai-based green startup Enverde has launched Altifarm, an attractive modular home-farm that makes it possible to grow fresh vegetables and herbs in any corner of the house. To raise funding for the project, Altifarm launched an Indiegogo campaign.

“Apart from the aesthetic value it adds to your home’s decor, Altifarm enables people to experience the joy of gardening and straight-off-the-farm produce. It helps people rekindle their bond with nature and get one with it. Altifarm is a positive step towards self-sufficiency, self-reliance, nutrition and food security,” says the project founder Arun Raj. “Altifarm also helps children learning ecological consciousness. It instils appreciation for their source of food and promotes less wastage,” says Nikhil Barde, Design Engineer.

With Altifarm, people can grow a wide variety of herbs, vegetables and fruit on a grow area of 1m² spread over 4 tiers. According to the designers, the modules can be assembled in five minutes without any tools or expertise. Altifarm is equipped with a self-watering system and needs no electricity.

Altifarm – Photo: Enverde

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