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A Strong Team: Mowing Robot and Fertilizer

At the spoga+gafa 2015 in Cologne, the German market leader in fertilizers, Compo, presented a new compound especially designed for lawns that are cared for by robotic lawnmowers.

Without distraction they are sliding over the grass and turn a previously tedious chore into leisure time for garden owners: fully automatic robotic lawnmowers can be controlled via smartphone or tablet and are a comfortable option for every garden. With them, there is no need to pick up the leftover clippings because they act as natural fertilizers. But usually this is not enough, the lawn needs additional nutrients. While after the use of a robo-mower the lawn looks thicker, there still is a long-term need for elements like nitrogen and iron.

Compo is now offering a fertilizer that is especially useful for lawns that are cared for by robotic mowers. This organic-mineral long-term fertilizer has been created with a balanced nutrition-formula that provides for a healthy and resistant lawn. Because of the Isodur-technology, the lawn is cared for seriously for three full months.

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