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A garden for saving money and having fun

Today food products are to be healthy, tasty, free of harmful substances and of local origin. So, what can be more obvious than growing your own herbs and vegetables in your garden or on the balcony? It cannot be more local and healthier. Furthermore, it is great fun and saves money.

Many people follow this trend already and grow their herbs and vegetables in the own garden or on their balcony. The feasibility of growing herbs or vegetables is only limited by the size of the garden or the balcony. Tomatoes, peas, string beans and lettuce – everything is possible, for the necessary seeds are available in well-assorted garden markets. A packet of seeds for basil, chives or parsley costs about one third of a pot with a small plant of these herbs available in supermarkets.

Herbs grown in the own garden or on the balcony are definitely free of harmful substances; they are 100 per cent organic food for less money. In times of numerous scandals in the food industry, even in the organic food sector, it is, however, not just the awareness of savouring self-grown unharmful and fresh food products, which make people feel good. It is very emotional for people to grow some of their food themselves. It is great fun for them to let it grow and – in the true sense of the word – to reap the fruit of their labour. There still is a lot of potential for the seed industry in this sector.

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