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3 questions to: Viktoria von dem Bussche (Ippenburg Castle Festivals)

Ippenburg Castle is located at the fringe of the North German Plain, an astonishing landscape with numerous meadows and parks. For 600 years the castle has been owned by the family von dem Bussche. More than 15 years ago the lady of the castle, Viktoria Freifrau von dem Bussche, established the very first garden festival in Germany. Since then the castle gates are open four times a year to visitors. Up to today the extraordinary festivals by Viktoria von dem Bussche have an immense influence on at least the German gardening scene.

Mrs. von dem Bussche, how did the idea of organizing garden festivals came about?
Von dem Bussche:
I have always been amazed by the garden festivals in the Netherlands and in England. Magnificent display gardens and stalls with flowers, seeds and bulbs lured in gardening enthusiasts from all over the world. This has never existed in Germany. This is why I organized my own first festival. I leaped right into the deep water! By now the Ippenburg Festivals have grown from an insider tip to firmly established events. This is the result of lots of commitment, passion and hard work.

Have you always been fascinated by gardening?
Von dem Bussche:
No, not at all! When I was a young girl you couldn’t get me to do chores in the garden. I wasn’t fascinated at first. But I played a lot in our gardens in the Lüneburg Heath. My love for gardens started to develop when I got married to my husband and moved to Ippenburg Castle.

What can visitors expect from the Ippenburg Festivals in 2014?
Von dem Bussche:
The season starts on April 12th and 13th with the Daffodil Festival and the Spring Market. The Tulip Splendour, which is going to be from May 1st to 4th, will have an exclusive international plant market for the first time. . I know from my own experience how hard it can be to find specific plants, so I want to present a broad plant assortment of highest quality from international dealers to the festival visitors. And the atmosphere between thousands of tulips will be fantastic! The highlight of this year will be the Garden Joy and Country Pleasures Festival from July 3rd to 6th. There you can experience the Rosarium 2000+ in full splendor. At harvest time we celebrate the Autumn Country Festival, from September 6th to 7th. That’s the time when the kitchen garden is ripe with fruit, vegetables and thousands of flowers.

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