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3 questions to: Steve Shrimpton (Bean Bag Crazy)

Steve Shrimpton founded Bean Bag Crazy in England together with his son Joe. They design and produce bean bags.

How did you come up with the idea for Bean Bag Crazy?
Ususally I sell cushions. I am the managing director of JTS Cushions in England and one day me and my son had the idea for a reinvention of the bean bag. Our B-Bags are extremely comfortable and durable at the same time, and they come in lots of fresh colours. They can be used by everybody, indoors and outdoors.

Why did you choose the garden unique area for your exhibition?
We are already successfully selling the B-Bags in England and we now want to expand into the continental market. I visited the spoga+gafa in 2012 and the garden unique area here made a huge impression on me with its great design pieces. I thought, we have a unique product, so garden unique is just the right thing for us.

Do you offer any other products besides the B-bags?
The B-Bags come in eleven colours and three different sizes: mini, mighty and monster. Besides that we also have a quilted version and a prehistoric one with fur on it. There is also a table that doubles as storage and a seat box for your feet.

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