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3 Questions to Matthias Biehler from flix

More and more people embrace the idea of multifunctional and mobile furniture. These pieces should not only have an elegant design but they also have to work smoothly. You have to be able to transport the furniture easily and safely from one place to another and the assembly has to be effortless. Of course the manufacturing quality and the material has to be top-notch. The German company flix (fix and flexible) has specialized in furniture like this. Their main products are the foosball table flix Libero and the Buffet-System. We asked the general manager of flix, Matthias Biehler, about their portable kitchen flix Live.

Mr. Biehler, you are a qualified cook; what was your main focus when developing the moving kitchen?

Biehler: Personally I use the flix Live as an “open show-kitchen” when I have guests at home and I want to offer them more than just some food. But it was also important for me that this kitchen has professional standards, so professional cooks can use it as well. The underlying idea is that you can configure the kitchen for your individual needs and that you can change the arrangement during the evening.

What is your target group for this kitchen?

Biehler: This kitchen is for private people who love to cook and who want to spend more time outside their houses. People who want to do more in their garden than just barbecuing. But flix Live is also being used for cooking schools or as alternative kitchen in small flats.

Where can I buy the flix Live?

Biehler: You can order the kitchen directly from us at There are several furniture stores that sell the flix Live but we are still looking for more resellers.

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