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3 questions to: Jacqueline van der Kloet

Jacqueline van der Kloet is an internationally well-known garden architect with projects e.g. EXPO 2000 in Hanover, Highline and Battery Park New York, World Horticultural Exhibition Floriade 2002 and 2012, Millenniumpark Chicago, River Park Shenyang, Governmental District Kuwait etc. the designer of many private gardens throughout Europe and a successful writer of gardening books.

What is the most striking difference concerning private gardens between now and ten years ago?
van der Kloet:
In my opinion gardens are getting more valuable and important. People spend a lot of money to create their private paradise. They look for quality of plants, trees, but also for sophisticated gardening designs, materials and luxury furniture.

Do you think this is an answer to the rapid changing world?
van der Kloet: As far as my profession is concerned, I cannot feel the crisis. Maybe, beautiful gardens are an answer to a world we can no longer understand and maybe, gardens give a feeling of freedom and peace which we can hardly find somewhere else these days.

You travel a lot around the world, what does your garden mean to you?
van der Kloet: Whenever I come home again, my tea-garden ( welcomes and surprises me and sometimes it even asks me to stay for a while, take a break or work hard to get rid of the weeds and to enjoy life, sun and rain and the miracles of nature around us.

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