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“We look for nature in every space”: Interview with Carlotta Berta (unprogetto)

Carlotta Berta © Davide Buscaglia

The blogger and interior designer Carlotta Berta from Turin deals with the latest design trends. On her bilingual blog unprogetto she talks about current products and projects from the world of design. We met her at the recent spoga+gafa and talked to her about her impressions of the international garden fair and personal outdoor areas.

Carlotta, in your blog unprogetto you are writing about design and accessories for indoor and outdoor spaces. What impressions did you have of the last spoga+gafa?

I loved the last spoga+gafa. Outdoor and indoor are more and more connected and in both spaces the human factor is very important. At spoga+gafa I’ve seen this connexion.

Photo: © Davide Buscaglia

What main developments are you currently seeing in outdoor design and accessories?

Outdoor is becoming increasingly more important to people: we look for nature in every space. People want their personal outdoor to tell something about themselves; they want a place to take care of in order to take care of themselves in some way.

Photo: © Davide Buscaglia

In November you will launch a new column about interior plants together with Valeria from Bottega Botanica. How will you approach the topic?

I’m not a green thumb; despite this Valeria said that black thumb doesn’t exist and I trust her. She said that everybody could take care of plants, if it’s the right plant: she will wrote on my blog unprogetto about single plants in order to explain how to take care of them. At the same time, we are starting to design interiors together: I design spaces for plants and she chooses the right plant based on the place and the client attitude.

Photo: © Davide Buscaglia

Do you have an own garden or balcony? How is it designed?

I had a garden when I was a child; then only a balcony when I was a teenager; and now, in Turin, I don’t have any at all, but I miss a personal outdoor space so much. Now my boyfriend and I are searching for a new home, and the balcony is one of our first requirements.


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