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“The level many BBQ fans already have at home is very, very high” – An interview with: Matthias Otto (MONOLITH Grill GmbH)

Matthias Otto at spoga+gafa 2018 in Cologne – Photo: R. Moers

Kamado grills were still relatively unknown 15 years ago in Germany. Today, the round ceramic grills that allow temperatures of between 70 and 400 degrees Celsius to be generated, have many fans among top and hobby chefs. Because especially slowly cooked pieces of meat remain particularly tender when prepared in them.

In Germany, MONOLITH Grill GmbH is one of the most famous and most successful brands in the Kamado section. The huge growths in turnover of the past years clearly underline this. Matthias Otto is the Executive Director of MONOLITH. The clothing technology engineer turned his passion for barbecues into his profession around ten years ago when he founded the company. MONOLITH exhibited at spoga+gafa in Cologne again this year.


Mr Otto, which impressions did the trade fair leave behind on you?

Otto: Everything went really well. The mood was great at the trade show, the response at our stand huge and our new products proved extremely popular. We held an incredible amount of discussions and were able to establish good contacts on all three days of the fair. We organized a small party with different industry partners on Sunday evening, called the “BBQ Prime Night”. This industry get-together also met with a great reception and it was great fun meeting up with all of our colleagues there.

MONOLITH BBQ Guru Edition – Photo:

One of the new products you presented at the trade fair is the “MONOLITH BBQ Guru Edition”. What is so special about it?

Otto: We developed the product together with our American partner BBQ Guru. The result is a MONOLITH, the air intake and thus also the interior temperature of which can be precisely controlled electronically. An integrated ventilator – or blower as one says – makes this possible. It is no longer necessary to mount adapters in the air intake openings. The cooking chamber temperature is determined via a temperature sensor and passed on to a controller per cable. This controls the blower, which regulates the embers via the amount of oxygen blown in. The controller is designed in such a way that it recognises if the lid of the grill is open. When this is the case it stops the air intake.

We offer different controllers for the Monolith Guru Edition: Via an additional temperature sensor, the Digi-Q can also display the core temperature of the grilled meat in addition to the cooking chamber temperature. The Cyber-Q Cloud model has three core temperature sensors and can be connected to a Cloud via Wi-Fi. Here, a database offers the history of past grilling experiences and a high number of BBQ recipes. Furthermore, the controller can be coupled with every smartphone or tablet.

Proline – Photo:

You have been using the product division “Proline” to target clientele from the gastronomy and food service section for several years already. What special demands do professional chefs have with regards to ceramic grills and their accessories?

Otto: In the case of the grills there is not all that much difference between customers from the food service sector and the normal garden owners. We also want to provide the hobby grill masters with perfect appliances and the level that many BBQ fans already have at home is very, very high. But of course, professional chefs normally require more space when working and particularly in the food service section one has to constantly adapt to new spatial conditions. One doesn’t get very far here with a hotchpotch of appliances and kitchen elements. That is why we developed our Proline.

Alongside the grills, the modular system offers sufficient worktops and shelfs, storage room for equipment, bins, lighting, running water… and everything else one needs for the professional preparation of food. It can be flexibly assembled and extended. Thanks to the plug-in system, click in or extension tables can be attached simply. All metal parts are made out of two millimeters thick stainless steel. The wheels are equipped with spherical joints which incredibly simplifies the transport. Thanks to the height adjustability, the elements can also be stably assembled even on rough terrain. Hence, Proline can be adapted to suit every situation, offers mobility as well as the flexible arrangement of the worktops and enables the chefs to professionally produce and serve attractive BBQ products everywhere.


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