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He aims to convey „basic culinary intelligence” – An interview with: Andreas Rummel (author and vlogger)

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The BBQ expert, Andreas Rummel, has been touring around the world and appearing in TV programmes of all kinds for years: Around 200 times a year he is stood behind the grill, among others at BBQ seminars, grill shows, trade fairs and private events, showing the interested audiences tips and tricks.

Rummel always looks out for innovative new products and trends. They are the basic ingredients he uses to develop his ingenious recipes. He has already filled numerous books with them. Titles like „Die Hohe Schule des Grillens“ („The high school of grilling”) or „Fingerfood Grillen“ („Fingerfood grilling”) flowed from his pen. Also, on his YouTube channel he demonstrates everything that is possible on the BBQ. Since 2011, he has been working closely together with the Canadian BBQ manufacturer, Napoleon, as a brand ambassador.


Mr Rummel, your latest book is called „Das ultimative Football-Grillbuch“ („The ultimate football barbecue book”). Can you explain why a barbecue party is the best setting for watching a football match and which special recipes await the readers in your book?

Rummel: People actually always eat prior to and during big sporting events in America. Many dishes are offered in the stadiums and in front of the buildings so-called tailgate parties are held. Before the match starts, the people meet up on the car parks, simply open the boots of their cars and have a picnic or barbecue. I did a lot of research for the book and looked into what the favourite dishes of the fans of the 32 NFL teams in the various federal states are. The recipes include American BBQ specialities like pulled pork, buffalo wings and grilled steak sandwiches, but also ideas like burgers in football rolls. It was great fun writing the book, because football is my other great passion besides barbecues. I have been a huge fan for 25 years and have been following the games in the USA. So, in addition to the recipes, the book also contains plenty of facts and information on football. I admit there is a lot of nerd knowledge among it, which one can impress one’s mates with while enjoying the next TV evening.

The ultimate football barbecue book – Photo: Christian

Of course, as a barbecue professional you participated at spoga+gafa in Cologne again this year. Which trends and new products caught your eye?

Rummel: Oh, quite a lot. For example, grilling on a fire plate is currently a big theme. A lot of new products are being offered in this section. And cooking outdoors is becoming increasingly popular. The Dutch oven – which has actually been a classic for a long time already – is presently very popular again among young barbecue fans. The offer in the outdoor kitchen section is become more and more extensive too. There are more and more accessories meanwhile – from fridges to beer taps … Especially the manufacturers of gas grills presented numerous new products and interesting accessories this year. There was something for every budget. Overall, I discovered many innovative ideas among the exhibitors at spoga+gafa. The service aspect of barbecues seems to be becoming more and more important. For example, I saw gas bottle scales that can also be used as a power bank to charge mobile phones or simply as additional lighting on the barbecue.


You say the main topic you address in the BBQ seminars you hold is „conveying basic culinary intelligence”. What do you understand by this?

Rummel: I would like to encourage people not to adhere strictly to recipes when cooking. The aim is for them to really understand what they are actually doing. For instance, why the meat turns brown when it is cooked or why it loses water when grilled… this all happens according to physical laws. If one knows and understands these, one handles food totally differently. One should also know how complex the sense of taste is and how one can combine the four S’s – i.e. sweet, sour, salty and spicy – correctly and how one can play with the flavours when preparing a dish. And of course, it should be clear to everyone that a good meal comprises of different textures. Crunchy, crispy, juicy, creamy, tender… using foodstuffs with different characteristics is what turns eating into an experience. I want to convey such knowledge to the readers of my books, the seminar participants and the viewers of my YouTube channel “Rummel Grill TV” and animate them to start being creative themselves.


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