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Whether tailor-made, as modules or home-made – Many industries are benefiting from the trend towards the outdoor kitchen

BURNOUT kitchens comprise of several modules that can be put together individually. – Photo:

The barbecue has over the past years become the key piece of equipment in the garden. However, today a host of house owners want more. Complete kitchen units outdoors are the dream of many people. The green industry is delighted because apart from the barbecue manufacturers many other trades are profiting from this development.

“The same demands are set for the garden today as for the apartment. The division between indoors and out is becoming more and more blurred. A survey carried out by the IFH Cologne last year substantiates this,” explained Anna Hackstein, CEO of the Garden Industry Association (Industrieverband Garten – IVG). Kitchens form part of this important outdoor living trend. At the moment, no detailed figures are available as to how the market share is developing and which turnovers are being made from them. However, there are figures on the overall market of grills, under which the garden kitchens also fall. The figure is currently no less than 1.2 billion Euros and has quadrupled since the year 2000 alone. “It is noticeable here that the gas grill segment has become more and more popular,” stated Hackstein. “Since above all gas is used in outdoor kitchens, we are assuming that the increase of these sales figures is also correlated to the increased demand for garden kitchens.”

In the meantime, numerous manufacturers offer completely different models of outdoor kitchens. The materials range from stainless steel to teak, to natural stone and cement, through to plastic. In terms of design there is something to suit everyone’s taste and budget. Individual elements – from the simple grill, to sinks and work surfaces, through to the exclusive Japanese hob – are freely combinable for most of the kitchens. Many models are available on wheels so that they can simply wheeled into the basement or garage in the winter. In addition to worldwide suppliers and manufacturers of built-in grills, many smaller manufacturers have been concentrating on the production of outdoor kitchens over the past years.


The grill brand BeefEater exclusively distributes the outdoor kitchens of the Australian manufacturer Fresco Frames in Europe. – Photo: BeefEater


The large group of do-it-yourselfers among the garden owners should not be underestimated either. They don’t purchase ready-made kitchen modules, but instead design their own individual outdoor cooking units out of wood, metal, cement or stone combined with grills and sinks they have purchased from the DIY store. Hence, the rising interest in garden kitchens is also become an increasingly interesting theme for the DIY industry. “In addition to outdoor living and the BBQ & garden evergreen trend, small pieces of furniture and upcycling have become relevant sources of income for the DIY trade,” commented Peter Wüst, CEO at the Federal Association of the German DIY, home improvement and garden centers (Bundesverband Deutscher Heimwerker-, Bau- und Gartenfachmärkte – BHB). “Hobby gardeners and DIY enthusiasts are investing more money in their own gardens. The current turnover figures for the industry for the overall year of 2017 corroborate this: Amounting to Euro 4.16 billion, the whole range of garden line-ups comprising of the commodity groups garden equipment, garden furniture, garden tools/irrigation, living green and garden chemical/soils/seeds makes up around 22.5 percent of the overall annual turnover. Building materials that are used for the garden – also for outdoor kitchens – have to be added to this.”


Each CUBIC outdoor kitchen is produced individually. – Photo:

From flooring into shade systems

Landscape gardeners and architects are also profiting from the outdoor living trend. In the meantime, many horticultural businesses also offer the installation of outdoor kitchens among their catalogue of services. Members of this profession are particularly occupied with creating the right prerequisites for setting up a kitchen in the garden. The first issue to be dealt with here is the flooring, which definitely has to be solid and consist of stone slabs, a concrete foundation or wood. But the landscape gardeners also have to make sure there is an appropriate roof, protection against the wind and where necessary electric and water connections. “It is important that the outdoor kitchen is integrated into the garden harmoniously and that the owners feel at home there,” commented Dr. Micheal Henze from the German Association of Garden, Landscape and Sports Construction (Bundesverband Garten-, Landschafts- und Sportplatzbau – BGL). “It is particularly nice if an area with a large dining table and atmospheric lighting is located right next to the kitchen unit. Integrated loudspeakers round off the relaxed open-air atmosphere. Well-planned greenery also contributes significantly towards a relaxed ambiance. Surrounded by hedges and under the shade of trees, living and cooking outdoors can be enjoyed wonderfully.”


OutStanding offers various kitchen models containing gas or charcoal grills. Furthermore, there are modules like this OS Exclusive Gascook, which is also suitable for saucepans or woks. – Photo:

spoga+gafa 2018

This year in Hall 8, spoga+gafa is presenting the Outdoor Kitchen World for the second time. The format shows the purist, clear and modern furniture, accessories and appliances of a wide range of suppliers of outdoor kitchens from all over the globe – from exclusive manufacturing companies through to global players.

And the theme outdoor kitchens also plays an important role at the Practical Garden Day for planners and entrepreneurs on Monday, 3 September. Under the programme item “Open-air enjoyment”, the landscape gardener, Michael Kupka, will talk about the planning of high-quality outdoor kitchens.


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