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“We are at a turning point”: Interview with Manuel Rucar from Chlorosphere

Manuel Rucar © Chlorosphere

French trend consultancy Chlorosphere is specialized in the garden, plant, floral, landscape and outdoor sectors. The consultancy’s team is composed of watchmen who scan everything that is new on the market. Manuel Rucar, manager of the company, is jury member for this years trend show at spoga+gafa. We talked with him about the latest trends in outdoor design

Manuel Rucar, you are jury member of the trend show at spoga+gafa 2018. How would you assess the quality of the submitted products?

As usually at the spoga+gafa we see quality products and creative designs. This year’s edition has a particular focus on very convenient products that helps consumers. I think this year is particularly interesting because suppliers dared to introduce new shapes, new functions and unusual materials. As we can see in the whole worldwide market, we are at quite a turning point.

Chlorosphere is a renowned company for trend research. What current trends and developments do you observe for the designing of the outdoors?

For few years now, many attempts of natural design have been made. Consumers aim at integrating nature in their garden but they still need a clean and tidy space. So now all the focuses are made on saving space, on making the garden a safer place for kids and on having easy to set up products. We also noticed that consumers tend to bring a story to their garden, even if it is just seasonal, with decorations, ornaments, lights, toys, pots and accessories. All together, that is creating a new way of outdoor life. For example, in 2018 and 2019, the Boho style is very popular with light colours, raw materials, tiny lights, hammocks and outdoor carpets.

What do you expect for the future of outdoor design?

As far as our studies goes, that is mean until the end of 2020, we have the same paradox: from very natural, organic-like designs to colourful, polymorphic and high end geometrical designs. The upcoming seasons should be full of odd design since we reach a new creative era. Specialist of design and fashion all agreed to say that the new collections are an epic artistic conflict so we might have many different influences. This new way of thinking creativity should bring some new styles like dichroic effects, floral patterns, synthetic marble, and bring back old ones like the terrazzo on top of table, fringe or denim on outdoor fabrics, gold details and other materials to discover.


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