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Discover trends and new products at the largest bbq trade fair in the world

Pulled pork claws – Photo: Landmann

From 2 to 4 September 2018, the largest coherent offer of grill and BBQ products worldwide awaits the trade visitors of spoga+gafa again. The exhibition area for this important segment of the green industry is being expanded by around 5,000 square metres at this year’s garden lifestyle trade fair in Cologne.

As in the past years, diversity remains to be the major bbq theme. Whether charcoal, gas or electric – of course the main focus lies above all on the preparation of meat, but more and more vegetarians are also discovering their passion for BBQs. For them – and of course for everyone else, the grill manufacturers are offering more and more bbq pans for vegetables, vegetable holders and baskets, pizza stones or wok/bbq systems.


Universal skewer set – Photo: Landmann

Meat is also being more and more frequently cooked on a skewer rather than being prepared using the classic bbq method. This type of preparation is referred to as rotisserie. Originally the spits were turned by hand. However, an electric rotisserie offers the advantage that one can leave the grilled food to cook on its own so that one can look after one’s guests instead. Many of these bbq spits are battery-operated, so a source of electricity is not needed. Almost all of the brand manufacturers offer spits or rotary baskets for their grills.


Smoker No. 1 F50-S – Photo: Rösle

The gentle method of cooking in the smoker has also established itself. Fish and different types of meat are smoked inside them and even cheese is lent a special flavour in these grilling appliances. However, it is taken a step further in many American regions: There everything is prepared inside the smoker. Even vegetables, fruits or deserts with a smoky taste have plenty of fans. It remains to be seen if this trend also asserts itself in Europe. There is also a wide range of new additives for the smoking process. The days when exclusively wood chips were used are long gone. Today, one is more and more frequently using a wide assortment of aromatised grill pellets.


Kamado grill classic – Photo: Kamado Joe

In addition to the smokers, Kamado grills are still high on trend with the top and hobby chefs. The round clay grill originally originates from Japan and is offered by many American and European manufacturers today. As a result of the enormous heat storage capacity of the ceramic and the low level of air circulation, even slowly cooked pieces of meat remain juicy in the Kamado. Once the fire has been lit, the temperature can be precisely set at between 70 and 400 degrees Celsius via pressurisation and ventilation. One can easily operate the oven at a low temperature for hours using relatively little coal. In this way, for example, a whole pork neck can be left to cook overnight until it becomes pulled pork.


MiniMax – Photo: Big Green Egg

Kamado grills are offered in various sizes and among others as mini versions for the camping site, a picnic in the city park or for the small city balcony. In general, many manufacturers are increasingly setting their sights on bbq fans, who don’t have their own garden. Easily transportable appliances or mobile BBQ versions with wheels for the generation 50+ are playing an important role within the industry.


Electric grill Pulse 2000 – Photo: Weber

Once again, the full spectrum of trends and innovations for the outdoor season 2018/2019 can be discovered at this year’s spoga+gafa. The exhibitors’ product offers range from the classic charcoal grill and BBQ accessories, to the high-end grill segment, through to the fully-equipped outdoor kitchen. The offer is enhanced by focal themes such as sauces and spices, as well as numerous live demonstrations and cooking shows.


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