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In the garden with: Martin Brandt (Magazine MOTORIST)

Martin Brandt – Photo: V. Reis

Martin Brandt has been the Chief Editor of the trade magazine “MOTORIST – Technik für Garten und Landschaft” (Technology for the garden and landscape) since May 2018. The magazine is published six times a year and targets the specialised retailers that sell motorised garden tools and who offer services and repairs for the machines. The focal themes of the publication are market overviews on alternating groups of appliances including market figures and trends, reports on the trade and manufacturers as well as trade fair reports. We talked to Mr Brandt about his new position.

Mr Brandt, “Senior Management Programme” is printed on your business card, not “Chief Editor”. Why this job description?

Brandt: Well observed. At our publishing company, RM Handelsmedien, this is the customary job description for this position. The editorial office is the key task of my work and I am responsible for the publication, but my function goes far beyond this and also encompasses management activities: For example, the Motorist Congress that takes place annually in the spring has to be organised. The position additionally involves planning further events, surveys, market analyses or special publications and developing new offers, formats and projects for the motorised garden tools industry. The idea is not to merely be a provider of information, but also a solution provider.


How did it actually come about that you joined the motorised tools industry?

Brandt: I originally don’t come from either the technical sector or the green industry. After taking a humanities degree, I started at the Düsseldorf-based publishing group, “markt intern” and wrote articles for the “Chemists and Pharmacy” department in my role as Business Editor. After a short period of time I then moved to the “Hardware, Tools, Garden” segment and took over the management of the editorial office. This is where I really got to know the industry. I travelled a lot, had a high number of personal contacts to a wide range of players and must say: I find the entire industry extremely exciting.


How will the MOTORIST further develop or change under your direction?

Brandt: The whole motorized garden tools trade is currently undergoing a transformation. Electronic and battery-run appliances are playing an even bigger role for instance and also the themes smart gardening and robot technology are becoming more and more important. As such the demands of the retailers are changing. As a trade medium we have to explain all of these aspects and changes within the industry, answer any questions that arise and try to offer solutions. Here are some examples: What has to be heeded with a battery warehouse in terms of fire protection? Will the garden technology provider of smart gardening solutions have to develop into a full-service provider in future – in order to remain competitive? Which role will drones play in a few years’ time regarding the maintenance of municipal green spaces? However, we don’t just present developments and new products in the MOTORIST, our task as a trade magazine is also to reflect upon issues critically. – Outdoor and lifestyle themes such as the line-ups of grills and garden furniture equally play an increasing role because many of the retailers also stock such items. These topics are also covered in the MOTORIST.


To what extent will the MOTORIST extend its Internet offer?

Brandt: Our online offer currently encompasses the website with a newsletter and an ePaper, which are available to all of the subscribers of the magazine free of charge. Current news, multimedia coverage of industry events as well as the direct contact to the editorial staff is additionally available via social media pages, such as YouTube and Facebook. The online channels frequently play a role in our company because we can link them with the themes of the print issues.


And finally, a personal question: What does your own garden look like and your collection of gardening tools? Is everything state-of-the-art?

Brandt: I must admit that I don’t have a garden at all at the moment, because I only recently moved to Cologne. But I have found a very nice apartment with a big terrace close to a forest and the Rhine. As a passionate jogger, for me it was very important to have a lot of greenery on my front doorstep.


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