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In the garden with: Klaus Glaetzner (BBQ YouTuber)

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„Klaus grillt” (Klaus is grilling), that what one of Germany’s biggest BBQ channel on YouTube is called. It is operated by Klaus Glaetzner from Berlin. He posted the first film online around four years ago. Today, the channel has around 150,000 subscribers and the videos, to which three new ones are added every week, have already been clicked 35 million times.

As well as on YouTube, Glaetzner also posts things on Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Facebook. His pages contain information, tips, recipes and tutorials on grilling and barbecuing. What began as a hobby has since turned into his job: Since the spring of 2016 the main profession of the trained wholesale and export merchant, financial management consultant and insurance expert has been barbecuing. In the meantime, he even has an own fan shop on his website with cups, T-shirts and aprons bearing his portrait, he also sells sauces and spices under his name.


Mr Glaetzner, what gave you the idea of becoming a BBQ YouTuber.

Glaetzner: It always annoyed me that everything was eaten up so quickly and wanted to save something for later…


How much work and time goes into your YouTube channel and in the other social media activities?

Glaetzner: I would say on average about 40 to 50 hours a week.


What do you think makes your videos specifically so successful?

Glaetzner: I can hardly explain it myself. I think it is because of my wife… (Note from the editor: Glaetzner’s wife Melanie does the filming, but you never see her. She does however add a comment every now and then, which has become a kind of running gag in the videos.)


Your target group is above all men, isn’t it? Can you confirm that grilling is still primarily a men’s topic?

Glaetzner: Yes absolutely, around 96 percent of my viewers are men. Today, grilling is not purely, but definitely mostly still a men’s theme.


Are your videos exclusively viewed in Germany?

Glaetzner: No, my videos are indeed viewed all over the world – with the exception of North Korea.


How do you explain the huge boom that the theme barbecuing and grilling has experienced over the last ten years?

Glaetzner: I think at the moment people prefer to invest time and money in their homes and gardens rather than spending it on holidays.


Which current themes are inspiring you the most right now?

Glaetzner: I still find gas grills extremely exciting.


Where do you find your new ideas for recipes?

Glaetzner: I simply have to look inside the fridge.


Are there in your opinion any good vegetarian recipes for the grill?

Glaetzner: Yes, but I prefer meat.


Which parts of your garden are important apart from the barbecue area and the outdoor kitchen?

Glaetzner: A pool and wellness area are definitely the next project we will be working on.


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