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3 questions for: Tom Heinzle (Tom’s Grillwerkstatt)

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“I inherited a good sense of taste and smell,” said Tom Heinzle. The man from Austria was infected with the barbecue bug many years ago: “Winter barbecues”, “Vegetarian barbecues” or “The new smoker kitchen” are just a few of the book titles he has published. Heinzle has additionally proved himself in competitions: With his team from “Tom’s Grillwerkstatt” he has claimed the BBQ Vice World Championship title and Austrian State Championship title several times.

At this year’s spoga+gafa, Heinzle will be demonstrating his skills in the Outdoor Kitchen World in Hall 8. We spoke to him in advance.


Mr Heinzle, what awaits the visitors of spoga+gafa at your BBQ show in the Outdoor Kitchen World?

Heinzle: The guests can look forward to receiving lots of interesting information on the theme of barbecuing and food. And of course there will be some tasty treats to sample…


You are considered to be a pioneer of novel culinary BBQ treats and as a lateral thinker. What distinguishes your grilling style to that of others?

Heinzle: When it comes down to taste there are no rules or specifications for me. I experiment a lot and am incredibly curious about everything involved with food and eating in other cultures. I try to incorporate all of the impressions I gain into my own recipes. Combinations such as for instance black pudding with fish or sausages with squid may appear strange to other people, but using the right ingredients they can be turned into delicious dishes that cause a real taste explosion in one’s mouth.


What distinguishes a good outdoor kitchen? What definitely shouldn’t be missing?

Heinzle: Above all a good outdoor kitchen has to be versatile: ideally equipped with a big green egg, a tepanyaki or plancha and a gas grill. Of course, a sufficiently sized storage surface is important and if possible it should also have a sink. Drawers that comply with the food service standard and high drawers for bottles would be great too.


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You can experience Tom Heinzle with his BBQ Show at 10:45 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. on Monday, 3 September 2018 in Hall 8 in the Outdoor Kitchen World.

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